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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
The Adoption Center. Every so often it bustled with activity these days, between the insane overabundance of Pokémon available for adoption, and the relaxed restrictions on adoption meant to counter that first thing. A number of Trainers have been makign repeat visits to the Adoption Center, adding to their teams and giving many Pokémon new homes. One such Trainer was going in the Adoption Center right now.

Keith Masters looked around. Even with all the adoptions going on in recent weeks, the place was still relatively packed. He had come here today with the intention of lightening this load somewhat, providing a good home for yet another Pokémon. The only question this time was, what Pokémon would it be?

"Morning," Keith greeted the man behind the counter.

In response, the man clapped his hands over his ears. "Agh! Not so loud," he whined.

Keith blinked. He really hadn't been that loud. "Uh..." he murmured, quieting down somewhat. "Are... you OK?" he asked.

"Ugh... yeah, I'm good," groaned the man. "Sorry, sorry, it's just... one of the Pokémon here kinda just really fucked with my ears earlier. It's actually a shame- not even his fault, he just gets overexcited, and then... well, yeah. Nobody who's considered adopting him has actually adopted him. It's really dampened his spirits. So... what can I do for you today?" he asked.

Keith, whose eyes looked somewhat moist by this point, spoke up. "Well, you can show me to this Pokémon you were talking about," he stated.

"Oh, dis is gonna end well," Meowth remarked sarcastically.

The Adoption Center employee had similar concerns as well, but by this point, Keith had something of a reputation going for him- half his team was basically a bunch of misfits that he took in, that became like family to him. Many of them being Pokémon that other Trainers wouldn't, and didn't give any consideration to, be it due to species, gender, or some sort of personality quirk that didn't endear that Pokémon to most. Considering all the success Keith's had with previous Pokémon he took in, the employee considered, maybe this was the very chance that Pokémon had been hoping for.

Keith followed the employee- this Pokémon wasn't being kept in the front room with most of the others. "He started getting overexcited whenever anyone started coming in the shop, and... well, it never ended well," explained the employee. "We've had to keep him isolated. It's really a shame, too..." he trailed off, unlocking a door, and allowing Keith to walk through it.

The room contained a number of small trees growing out of pots, as though to make an inhabitant feel at home were said inhabitant accustomed to wooded areas or something. However, as Keith looked around, no Pokémon made itself visible to him-


All at once, the sound hit Keith's ears. Apart from the voice, which in and of itself wasn't so bad, there came a droning sound that went through his head with all the gentle subtlety of getting stabbed by an Escavalier. Keith gasped and covered his ears, an ultimately futile gesture, though the droning died down rather quickly as the source landed on one of the trees- one short enough that by landing on it, its face was level with Keith's. Wishing that the ringing in his ears would die down as quickly as the droning did, Keith pointed his Pokédex at the apologetic insect.

"Yanma, the Clear Wing Pokémon. A Bug and Flying-type," said Keith's Pokédex. "Yanma flaps its wings at high speed to generate shock waves to attack, though these shock waves can destroy nearby windows. Its eyes can see 360 degrees without moving its head, and it is highly skilled at flying."

"This Yanma's not that good at keeping its wings in check," explained the employee, who ahd entered the room once Yanma had quieted down. "We had to put in this room- reinforced windows. Completely Yanma-proof."

"Yeesh," Keith murmured. He could see tears in Yanma's large eyes- once again, his wings had screwed him over, haven't they? But then he saw Keith approaching, a reassuring smile on his face. "It's OK, Yanma," he said. "I know you didn't mean to make those shock waves, right?"

"Yan? Yan yaaa!" Yanma exclaimed, grinning once more. And once again, his wings started flapping, and once again, Keith found himself clutching his head, as well as Meowth. Yanma hastily tried to stop himself once more upon noticing this.

"OK, it's fine," Keith said as Yanma looked down out of embarrassment. "Yanma, it's OK. You just need to learn a little control over those wings, yeah? You figure out how to only make shock waves on command, figure out how to only send them towards opponents in battle, you'll be great."

"Yan ya?" Yanma said, now looking up at Keith.

Keith smiled at Yanma. "Come with me," he offered Yanma. "We'll make a great team, I know it."

"Yan! Yan ya! Yan ya!" Yanma cheered. This time, Keith covered his ears before the headache-inducing soundwaves started. Did it help? Not a lot. Was Keith about to change his mind? Hell, no. Indeed, Yanma finally managed to stop his wings once more, at which point Keith dug something out of his backpack- a regular Poké Ball. It had been a while since he used one of these, having favored a variety of variants as of late, but sometimes you just can't beat the classics. Also, he kept putting off his Poké Ball shopping trip. Nevertheless, Yanma's eyes lit up at the sight of the sphere in Keith's hands. His wings flapped once more, and this time he used them to take flight, ramming right into the Poké Ball's button. The Bug/Flying-type was sucked inside, and the ball barely wiggled before falling still.

"Oy," groaned Meowth. "Dis is gonna be painful, isn't it?"

"Oh, relax, Meowth," Keith grinned. "The windows at home are all reinforced, don't forget. We can train this guy with no problem." And he tossed the ball into the air. "Yanma, come on out!" he added.

Yanma reappeared in a flash of light, landing on Keith's head. "Yan ya?" he buzzed.

Keith smiled. "Welcome to the team, Yanma," he said. "All you need now is a nickname, yeah? I like the sound of Colin, what do you think?"

"Yan! Yan yaaa! Yan yaaa!" cheered Yanma, involuntarily beating his wings once more. Keith's head was throbbing at this point, but he still smiled reassuringly at his new Yanma. Or, who would soon be his new Yanma. All he needed to do now was to pay for him. And, on the advice of the employee nearby, he also withdrew Colin prior to returning to the main area of the Adoption Center. It'd take some doing before Keith could bring Colin out wherever he pleased, a lot of training, but he felt like he was up to the challenge. And his head would feel the same way, given a little time for the throbbing to die down.

OOC: Adopting the level 1 male Yanma. Paying 30 for him, putting him in a regular Poké Ball (#1 of 5), naming him Colin, and declaring his Ability to be Compound Eyes.

Tate had wondered once if fish could love. Well, according to one of the staffers, insects absolutely could.

Keith Masters had come again, and taken up another 'problem' Pokémon; a Yanma prone to shockwaves. It had been a source of great trouble since its arrival, breaking instruments and causing no small amount of suffering to human and Pokémon alike. It had had to be isolated, much like Pena had been, and much like Pena, it had been both sad and frustrating to deal with. It wasn't a surprise, to see he'd come and gone with something needing a little extra push; that was just his style. Tate could relate.

Entering the isolation room, Tate exhaled. It would be a pain to haul all the potted plants back out into the lobby. Where had they stashed the dolly? They had a ton of leftover ibuprofen. What would they do with it now? It would expire before they'd use it all...

Picking up the first of many plants -- a smaller one, meant for a tabletop -- Tate wondered if Mr. Masters had a PokéGear or Pokétch or PokéNav or whatever-else-the-kids-were-using-these-days number on hand; they could likely donate the excess to him! Tate chuckled at the idea.

Adoption of Lv. 01 (M) Yanma confirmed.

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