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Kawaii tilted her head but said nothing.
Frieghya blushed Oh um. Well since I can comunicate telepathically I just thought I would try that. Don't worry about it I know a Swoobat who can do a ton of things like what I just did.
Rumpleteaser giggled "Y-you j-just b-blushed.

Kawaii made her burrito much like Kieth's. She was very much a meat eater but held back in present company.
Frieghya was as even as Cyanide was but changed up some of the ingreadiants so she was not idendical.
Victoria took pure meat on her plate and broke her internal rule of never standing up to serve herself.
Rumpleteaser was evenly mixed for portions, thogh she favored berries as toppings. She jumped when Pomona spoke to her "O-oh u-um, m-my n-name i-is R-rumpleteaser."
Cassie took mostly beans and sat by Keith her tail wagging eagerly.
More pokemon filtered down the hall, a Ponyta with a Buneary and a Seedot on it's back provided the three of them with plates of vegtables and went to stand at the table.

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