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Round Two: Sick Burn and Electrifying Shock!

Their trainers having issued orders, both combatants scramble to return to exchanging blows. It is Willow who wins out, charging heat within and withdrawing inside her shell to launch a mighty stream of scalding hot water at her opponent. The Mountain hardly has the opportunity to flinch as the burst strikes true, burning the Nidoran's left forelimb quite badly.

The tenacious Poison type isn't done yet! Redoubling his efforts The Mountain himself quickens, fidgeting in place, in doing so ushering forth a brilliant bolt of thunder towards the Tiny Turtle. Willow seizes up the instant she is overcome with electricity. She abruptly crumbles: her strained gurgling noises are a sure sign of immense injury. Nevertheless, the Squirtle rises from the ground, her expression determined. She remains poised before striking the ground at her feet, channeling Nature's Gift through the graves of the cemetery at blinding speed towards The Mountain.

The ghostly energy explodes from beneath The Mountain, eliciting a pained squeal from the rodent and launching him a bit off the ground. He sticks the landing however and begins to charge at his opponent, his stubby tail aglow in what appears to be a murky purple sheen. He back-ends Willow with the poison-covered tail, sending the Water type into the dirt and weeds. Though the attack was a success, The Mountain suddenly regards his limb and cringes; Willow too can be seen trembling.

At the end of the round, Willow is resting deep, deep into her first third. The Mountain is in better shape but now must contend with a burn to match Willow's poisoned state. Both are once again good for two!

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