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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(Oh Maudlin. Are you having a midlife crisis now? *Dead Rattata on Harley says nothing* I don’t understand how you even got it inside. The door isn’t big enough.)

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The Park

Missingo Master:
The orb of blue water doused the fire on impact, sending a hiss of smoke up the chimney. The room luckily remained lit however by the undisclosed lights that weren’t mentioned but had no impact on your story anyway. The chimney however remained another matter; looking up above you find nothing but bricks piling onto each other, strecthing into a dark crawlspace. The use of Flash helped though, providing you with a makeshift torchlight of sorts as you manoeuvred up, using your claws the best you could to scale the walls inside like the cat you were.

You flashed the light up above and noticed it wasn’t as tall as you had expected. Falling would still cause major injury but at the very least it did not appear you had to climb to the very top of the Fun House. A bit up above, having climbed quite a way up that darkness now stretched out below you, you find a small crawlspace no bigger than your own size. You reach the ledge and pull yourself up, before flashing your light down the corridor.

“You found me!” The little girl gasped when she saw you shine your light at her and clutching even tighter on her Inkay partner.

“No!” she protests. “Inkay, protect me,” she releases the Pokémon from her clutches who gives a confirming ‘ink-inkay’ as it preps a strange red energy at its beak. Before you realised what was happening the energy fired its way down the corridor and struck you hard, shoving you off of the ledge and down the chimney. You reactively grab onto the ledge, holding on for dear life when the voice of Keith pours through the toy walkie-talkie once more.

What does Meowth do?

You’re worried about the lack of response you got from Myrtle. You kept calling her name, over and over, louder and louder as nothing but static responded. You quickly calm yourself with reason. This must have been a positive sign, surely. After all, you recall what happened when you last knocked out an Inkay; the room must have reverted to its original design, one where the toys became nothing more than toys. Fang questions your reasoning though, and an uncomfortable sensation notched itself in your stomach that something else may have been the reason. You switch the channels and decide to talk to Meowth instead.


After emerging through the surface and being attacked by the Inkay, you pit your Carnivine in for another battle. Considering Fang’s last success in the topsy-turvy world, you were hoping for a repeat of the last battle. Fang leaps into action on your orders just when the inverted-Psybeam was fired off. Fang quickly sends a shower of Razor-sharp Leaves that was coloured the same shade of magenta that he was. Both attacks pass one another and strike their opponents successfully, both Pokémon having been too preoccupied with firing their own attacks to dodge the other. Fang spins back from the blow, nearly confused by the tumbling in mid-air, but recovers steadily to prepare a Sludge Bomb. The Inkay is quick to note and makes its own preparations, and just when the Sludge Bomb is fired, the Inkay erects a mysterious glowing panel of dark, navy blue energy in front of it. The droplets of slime collide with the mysterious panel where they disappear as if being absorbed by it. A Light Screen you could tell with your years of experience, despite the Topsy-Turvy colouring.

The Inkay goes back on the offensive and fires off another psychic attack; this time the glowing red energy you recognised from earlier as a Psywave. With the distance between the two, Fang manages to dodge the first few hoops of energy by dashing to the side but the Inkay turns quicker than the Carnivine can float and Fang is quickly struck by the last few psychic rings.

Fang recovers and fires off the last of your orders; Nature Power. You recall from last time the effectiveness of the topsy-turvied attack. Similarly to last time, Fang fired of a red Psychic energy towards his opponent, except this time it fell short as the attack collided with the Light Screen and both attacks cracked and shattered into nothing. The Inkay chuckles at you, noting that Fang was panting slightly from using three moves in quick succession – though not gaining nearly as much ground on his opponent as last time. This Inkay had a few more tricks up its sleeve.

What does Keith do?
Meowth grinned as the Water Pulse did the trick, dousing the flames as water was so expected to do. "Alright," he grinned. "Let's see wat we're dealin' wit here." And with that, he pressed his front paws to his forehead, which cause his charm to light up. Using Flash, Meowth was able to see up the chimney. It wasn't as high a climb to the top as he'd have thought it would be, and so, claws extended, the Normal-type started climbing.

"Ugh... Uh... Hey, wat-" Meowth grunted as he climbed- he had spotted an indentation in the chimney. A tiny crawlspace, just big enough for him to fit into, and there he saw- it was the ghost girl, tightly clutching an Inkay. "Hey, wat- YAAH!" Meowth exclaimed, as the Inkay's attack sent him tumbling back into the chimney. He clutched the ledge with one paw, hanging on for dear life as he clutched the walkie talkie with the other. And speaking of which... "Keith?!" he exclaimed. "Wat's goin' on, wat is it?!"

"Ghost girl. Battling Inkay," Keith said quickly. "What about you? You find anything?"

"Other ghost girl. Battlin' other Inkay," Meowth reported. "Also tryin' not ta fall to my death," he added.

"OK, I'm gonna let you get back to that," Keith replied. "Hang in there, Fang!"

"Gah... OK, Inkay," Meowth grunted once the conversation was cut short. With all his strength, he pulled himself back into the crawlspace, and stood at the ready, claws extended. "Youse wants a piece o' me? Prepare for Fury Swipes!" he declared, racing in to deliver the Normal-type move. He wasn't gonna stop there, though- he was all set to follow it up with an Aerial Ace, and then go for a Swift attack.

Keith was confident in his Carnivine's abilities, but this Inkay proved a tougher opponent than the previous one. His Razor Leaf landed a direct hit, but so did Inkay's Psybeam. "Fang!" Keith exclaimed.

"Caaar... Carni! Vine!" Fang exclaimed, reeling from the attack, but still not out just yet.

"Good!" Keith grinned. "Now use your Sludge Bomb attack!"

"Carniii... VIIIIINE!" Fang exclaimed, launching explosive orbs of sludge towards Inkay, but Inkay was ready, erecting a Light Screen to deflect the special attack. To make matters worse, Inkay followed up with a Psywave, one which the Grass-type couldn't fully evade, and the Nature Power-generated Psybeam only managed to cancel out the Light Screen.

"Fang..." Keith murmured, noting how exhausted his Carnivine was getting. "You want a rest?" he offered, holding up Fang's Poké Ball.

But the Carnivine shook his head. "Vine carni carni!" he exclaimed, glaring at Inkay. He was all fired up, intent on seeing this battle through to the end.

Keith nodded. "Let's do it, then!" he declared. "Fang, Leech Seed, let's go! Then follow up with Stun Spore, and let it taste your Giga Drain!"

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