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Kawaii's musings caused Ami to realize the error of her words. After all, someone covered in burn scars has clearly been through something that was less than ideal. "I mean, nothing dangerous as far as they are concerned. I... seem to have had a less secure life in the past, I guess."

The woobat's mind was suddenly... bombarded wasn't exactly the right word, given how gently the sensation was presented. Overwhelmed would be a better descriptor. He fluttered down to the floor (an odd sight, to be sure) as he attempted to take in this wondrous new sensation. Sure, there was the grace and smoothness about the image that told him it was Freighya that appeared in his mind, but she seemed... fuller? More complete? The subtle gradients that shifted as she moved, the gleam that reflected off of the pearl embedded in her head, the calm gaze in her deep eyes... The espeon had appeared charming before, but this made it much clearer! 'Woah...' he managed to squeak out in awe. 'Is that what you 'look' like? Is this what seeing is like?!' He took a deep breath. 'I mean, this is simply amazing! You really are a master of our Type's skills!' There was no need to give any other compliments, he figured- Freighya probably picked up on those thoughts as they came to him!

'Huh?' Rumpleteaser's question snapped Bell back into reality, causing blood to rush to his face and his three arms to wave around frantically for a second as he tried to regain his composure. (Surprisingly, his Water Bubble remained intact despite losing its supports.) 'I'm fine, I'm fine! Just making a mental note in this tiny bug brain of mine!'

(OOC: Semi-important visualization note: spider blood is blue, so Bell's blush won't quite look the same as one of ours)

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