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"Cool," Keith smiled. He grabbed a plate and started to piece a burrito together. He seemed to greatly prefer meat over vegetables, though he made sure to include chunks of Tamato Berry on his. Meowth set to work making one for himself. Keith set out another plate on the floor, and Hebenon Teleported up to it and started using Psywave to pull in various ingredients to make his own burrito.

Cyanide accepted the plate from Freighya using Psychic. "Thanks," she grinned, already starting to make her own burrito. Unlike her Trainer, Cyanide seemed to prefer a healthy mixture of meat and vegetables, though with considerably more Tamato Berry.

James approached the food, eyes gleaming as he salivated hungrily. It seemed to be taking him a great amount of restraint to not devour everything all at once, though he did seem to be incorporating multiple tortillas into his burrito.

Pomona's burrito seemed to have the exact opposite ratio of meat to vegetables as Keith's, with only a little meat but enough vegetables for the burrito to qualify as some sort of salad. She was happily munching on it when she noticed three of Kawaii's Pokémon coming in. Smiling, she walked up to the Skitty. "Hi!" she said, greeting the Normal-type in a friendly way. "I'm Pomona, who are you?"

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