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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Bubbling Beach - On the coast between the southern and western dock is a sunny beach with pristine white sands and crashing waves - ideal for a summery vacation! But, this beach has more than just sun and fun; it's the ideal relaxation spot. Just beyond the dunes are a number of volcanic hot springs that overlook the sparkling seas. Despite their rather opposed nature, both Water and Fire Pokémon gather here to take full advantage of the mineral-rich (and slightly salty) springs. Some hotter Pokémon even enjoy the pools of bubbling magma interspersed with the watery ones!
"Okay Baian, remember: you're in charge. I'm counting on you to keep an eye on Aiolia and Seiza."

On the outside, the Skrelp only looked his typical aloof, callous self. His demur expression concealed his inner trepidation fueled by his trainer's parting words. He reclined deeper in the offshore tide pool in an effort to still his fins. The salt water acted much like a soothing balm on his tired nerves; he couldn't remember the last time he'd felt sea minerals upon his skin. What a nuisance, he thought, rocking to-and-fro. Of course she assigns me to attend to these greenhorns. He hadn't a clue as to how proverbial babysitting might be conducive to the trio's seaside treasure-hunting excursion.

Meanwhile a little further up shore stood Aiolia, who true to form held his head aloft in a display of vigilance. Unlike Baian, he was perfectly pleased that their trainer had entrusted him with the trio's rucksack and Treasure Bag. Every so often the Fire type would tilt his head to regard the packs strapped to his backside with a mix of wonderment and pride. After some time the Litleo's large eyes found his discus-shaped comrade hovering over him intently.

"Is something the matter?" the cub asked, lifting a cordial paw towards the Bronzor. "You haven't said a thing since we arrived."

Seiza slowly spun before gently arching in an almost rhythmic manner. "Aiolia, we have an objective before us yet we idle. I suggest we regroup with Baian immediately so that we can proceed with our mission."

The Mock Kelp Pokemon stiffened at Seiza's telepathic broadcast. How he'd love to soak just a bit longer... but his companion was right. The trio had a job to do. He leapt from the waters at a spectacular velocity, landing in the sand before his two allies, his gaze steady.

"Very well, let's get this hunt underway."
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