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Originally Posted by Brave Saix View Post

As Jinbe jumps, the wind causes him to start tumbling. He hits the tattered sail with more force than either Sucy or Momonga was expecting. They are jerked down by the impact but are able to quickly catch themselves. After seeing Jinbe safely to the base of the cliff, the trio make their way over the graveyard.

As the grave grew near, the group soon realizes that they aren't tombstones, at least not in the traditional sense. Each of the eighteen markers are in actuality life boats, half buried and covered in feet of ice. Sucy floats over to one, and peers into the ice. Trapped inside are a mishmash of human bones half caked in stings of frozen, rotted flesh. At another Jinbe and Momonga stumble upon a iced over pile of provisions, with certain pieces appearing to be loose enough to take.

As the group browses the ship grave yard the wind begins to howl, a voice whispering within.

Lllleeeaavvveee... nnnooowwwww...... Thissss... placccceee.... It doeeesss naaaaauuuught.... beeelloooongggggg ttooo yooouuuu....

How does the group react? Do they heed the warning?
"OOOH SPOOKY! Rotten flesh and creepy voices, I love it!" Sucy danced in the air joyfully.

"What the hell!?" Jinbe screamed, dropping the rubbish he had been sifting through and clutching Momon. "Did you hear that!?"

Momon nodded. "I heard it. Why, was it weird? I hear the voices of the dead all the time... I always thought that was pretty normal..."

Jinbe squinted, and looked as though he was going to say something, but decided not to.

"As a ghost, when another ghost tells you to leave their things alone, I can tell you with complete certainty that it, in fact, means they are giving you permission to take it." Sucy nodded.

Jinbe turned and stared at her, and puffed himself up angrily. "Oh that's such a load of Tauros sh-" Momonga cut him off. "I agree with Sucy, actually. We should keep looking for treasure, that's why we're here. It's hard to say whether or not the spirit, or Pokemon, is being serious or if it's being mischievous. The best thing we can do is to see how it reacts... Ghosts really aren't as frightening as they're made out to be." Momon smiled gently - or, he would have, if he had had the ability.

Sucy nodded and then wiggled in place excitedly. "It's true. And then maybe we can go exploring the ships!~"

Jinbe sighed. "I just don't know about this... but I guess you both have more... expertise... with this sort of thing than I do..."

The trio looked at each other and continued searching the graveyard for treasure, naive and unsure of whether or not they would be angering the potential specter any further.
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