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Originally Posted by uhhhhh View Post

Meetan: [Old Balance: $4,520] [New Balance: $5,090][/B][/size]
Withdrawing $30 to adopt Cubchoo.
Withdrawing $30 for the Cable Club.
Withdrawing $30 to adopt Koffing.
Depositing $250 from Bedlam Ridge reply.
Depositing $250 for my Casino Event intro.
Depositing $250 from Bedlam Ridge.
Depositing $250 from Alice's wild spoopy ride.
Depositing $250 from the Cloud Garden.
Withdrawing $30 to adopt Machop.
Withdrawing $600 to pay for Cable Club candies.
Depositing $250 from hunting small children.
Withdrawing $3000 for the Cable Club.
Depositing $250 for my War of the Roses intro.
Withdrawing $600 for Millie the Miltank's MT stay.
Withdrawing $30 to adopt Bellsprout.

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