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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
Missingno. Master:

The drunkard's answers seemed to only provide more questions, and finding the help you needed was appearing as though it was going to be a bit difficult.

You looked around the village, but the streets were scarce of people and Pokemon. Things seemed bleak. You returned to the town square, where you had entered, when suddenly there was a tap on your shoulder.

"Hello stranger! I've never seen you around these parts before. Sorry, I didn't mean to do you a frighten." The woman was young, probably in her late teens. She wore a blue dress with a white floral design and was holding a basket with both hands with several jars in it. She seemed excited to talk to a traveler. "I know this might be a long shot, but, well, we don't find many folks out here to often lately, seein' as how we're a bit off the beaten path and all... sort of makes business kinda hard." She frowned, and turned her gaze before blushing slightly, possibly feeling she had said too much. "Anyway, I'm sure you already know, but our little village here has a very special Honey that you can't find anywhere else! That's because our..." she trailed off a bit. Her face suddenly looked like a Deerling in headlights. "Anyway, we have a bargain deal right now! Three jars for $200! We have the finest Honey around, money back guarantee! H-here, um, take a free sample! I promise it won't disappoint!"

The woman looked a bit desperate, and was doing a terrible job of hiding it. However, she seemed to be much more willing to talk than anyone else. Perhaps this was the chance you were looking for...?
With the maddeningly unhelpful drunkard behind them now, Keith and Meowth set out in search of someone else to talk to. Anyone else, really. They weren't picky. Unfortunately, their search didn't seem to be doing them any good- the streets were as empty as a restaurant in Swalot territory. "Yeesh," Meowth sighed. "Dere ain't a soul around, is dere?"

"Doesn't look like it," Keith agreed. "We probably should've asked some of those other people we saw before approaching the drunk- wha?" he added, noticing that someone was tapping him on the shoulder.

This tap on the shoulder, as it happened, came from a young woman, trying to sell Keith some Honey. She seemed desperate for a customer, considering the distinct lack of travelers this village seemed to see, and offered an admittedly decent deal- three jars of Honey for only 200.

Keith considered this. The woman seemed more willing to talk to him than anyone else in town. Perhaps she'd be willing to help them out. And perhaps even more willing if Keith were to help her out here. 200, after all, seemed a small price to pay for three jars of Honey, especially when served with a side of information.

"Just 200 for three jars, huh?" he said. "That sounds like a fair deal to me," he conceded. He took out his wallet, produced 200 from within, and offered it to her. "Oh, uh, also," he added. "I don't suppose you could maybe tell me what's up with the flowers around here? I heard this place was supposed to be so vibrant and full of life, but it looks like something's wrong, and nobody else has been able to tell me much. I mean, if it's something I could potentially help out with, I'd like to know just how I could help, y'know?" he said.

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