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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
TheKnightsFury: The Lairon, pleased with the group's efforts had presented them with a choice. Although it seemed easy at first, the trio was quick to notice that the choice wasn't quite as black and white as they thought. The Lairon had offered what was in his right or left hand --- which on the surface seemed like a very simple game of heads or tails, but what if the prize they received from one hand was far worse than what they received from the other? The trio began a brief argument over what hand to pick, Boudicca went for her gut, claiming the right seemed like the best option. However, Khutulun objected, claiming that she had found the Lairon so they should obviously go for the left hand. The squabble continued, causing the bewildered and slightly confused Lairon to just sit and watch as the two females attempted to make up their mind.

Spartacus had watched for quite a while before finally deciding to intervene. Knowing that the two would never come to an agreement, he made the choice randomly. Using an eenie meenie system, he lifted his scythes and pointed to the Lairon's right hand. He apologised for the squabble and claimed that they would be taking whatever was in the right hand, causing the bemused Lairon to smirk.

"I like you laddie, you seem ta have yer hands full with those two though." he gestured to the two female Pokemon. "As promised, here is yer prize." The Lairon opened his right hand, revealing what looked to be a cylindrical container of some sort, coated in a fine sheet of metal. "I found it in me supper, maybe it could be of some use to ye?" He smiled, obviously unaware of what he had given the trio. "Thanks for yer help again! Please feel free ta come see me some other time."

The trio left the Lairon with their new bounty, excited for what their next adventure may hold.
Received x1 Metal Coat

As the Lairon revealed the cylindrical Metal Coat, Spartacus could barely contain his excitement. It was exactly what he had hoped to find, exactly what Jayson wanted them to find. Spartacus gratefully thanked the Lairon before placing the Metal Coat in bag strapped to Boudicca's back. They distanced themselves from the Lairon before Spartacus brought the party to a stop.

"You two could have cost us our reward back there with your squabbling. What would Jayson think if he saw you carrying on like that?!" Spartacus lashed out at the females, angered that they nearly cost him the reward he coveted.

Boudicca slammed her hooves into the ground, "calm your farm and get off your high horse!" Khutulun shrunk a little as the two started to go at each other. "All we got was some lame hunk of metal, what are we meant to do with that anyway?"

Spartacus was now visibly furious, Boudicca's constant attitude having split his last nerve. "Lame hunk of metal! That Metal Coat will allow me to evolve into Scizor! Yes I know that sounds self serving but you have no idea what I have been forced to endure. You might think you're brave Boudicca but you just hatched from an egg and have been in Jayson's care since your first breath. I had a life, a family and they were all taken away from me. I wasn't strong enough to protect them and until I evolve I will never be strong enough to protect anyone! You don't know what it is like to be alone, to lose everyone and have no one......" As Spartacus began to simmer down, Khutulun scurries to his side and gently hugs his leg.

"I'm sorry, I had no idea it meant so much to you", apologizes Boudicca."You are right, we were out of line back there, it won't happen again." The Mudbray hung her head low as she kicked at a rock in front of her.

"If it makes you feel any better Spartacus", Khutulun finally speaks up as she looks up at the Scyther, "I think you are more than strong enough to look after us as you are."

The group falls silent for a moment as they all clear their minds, Spartacus eventually breaks the silence. "Thank you both, sorry I lost control for a moment there, I just got a touch emotional. Jayson will be pleased that we found what we came here for but why don't we look around for some extra stuff? Fan out again, surely we can find something or someone." The Scyther rose into the air once more, still upset with himself that he let his emotions take control.

(taking the Metal Coat)

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