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The Range game

*Been trying to get this posted all day, but my internet just didn't want to work.

Both trainers decide to back off after their initial exchange of attacks. Nott slowly back pedals in the air, leaving behind a weak Substitute to take her place as the visible opponent to the sinking spider. Who is giving away his position under the water in a glorious fashion by glowing gold of all colors. Seeing this Nott swings her wings wide leaving a Slash in the Air that quickly travels toward the glowing spot in the pond. The attack losses some power as it breaks through the waters surface, but the majority of the strike manages to reach Glyde. However thanks to both the water and a Stockpile the damage was lessened to a degree. Nott then gets flash backs to the previous round as once again a large amount of water is drawn out of the pond and rises skyward. This time though instead of a pillar the water is in the form of a wall. Nott almost laughs giving away her true position on the battle field as she is by far to high for the Surf to reach her and she watches the spider over water the grass below her.

Nott hurt herself this round and Glyde is on his way to reaching his second third of health.
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