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Welcome aboard Deo, Schala and Morningstar! I can't promise swift updates - RL commitments get much more in the way nowadays than it did back when I started doing this - but hopefully you'll have a good time regardless!

deoxys: ((Pokémon declared 1/6: Phanpy))

New Fizz City is, befitting an expanding metropolis, richly supplied by all manner of transportation networks. Millions of people commute in and out every day, swimming in a sea of routine and obligations. But you’re different: you are a Pokémon Trainer on a journey of rediscovery - and perhaps atonement? – and that means the easy way isn’t an option. The world is waiting to be explored, and as such, you decide to tackle the rest of the way on foot, accompanied by your unusually-colored Phanpy.

The Railyard is famous to any Fizz citizen, the largest and most complex maze of iron tracks anywhere in the region. And while it’s not the most beautiful or unique of vistas, the sheer amount of activity – especially during rush hour – makes it so there is rarely ever a moment of quiet contemplation to be had. And yet, on the final hours of the afternoon, this seems to be one of those rare occasions.

As you walk along one of the railroads, Izuku following close by brimming with excitement, you can’t help but notice how few trains are actually passing by. You’d have expected a lot more commotion at this point. Every now and again you look around, eyes on the rails, trying to spot a Pokémon or two – Steel-Types are said to favoured this area in particular – but there doesn’t seem to be anone, or anything, for miles around except for the neverending steel tracks. Well, not exactly…

Izuku suddenly points to one of the rails in the distance with his trunk, and your eyes follow. Indeed, there seems to be something directly on top of the track, unmoving. It takes you a while longer, and some more proximity, to actually realize what it’s about: that’s not an object, but rather an old man – bald with a respectable white beard - sitting on the rails with his legs crossed, perfectly static. What on earth is he doing there?!

It might be best not to meddle in the affairs of others (after all, it’s unlikely he wound up there by mistake, and he must have his reasons), but there’s no denying it’s a strange sight to say the least. Will you leave the elder behind and continue exploring the railways, or should you approach him?...

Schala: ((Pokémon declared 1/6: Rufflet))

The New Fizz Library stands as imposing as you’d imagined it: a massive building some five-hundred-years old in construction, back when Man knew how to work stone and create magnificent monuments. The Library is a testament to that era, though you suspect it might have served a different purpose at the time of its construction. Resembling a monastery of sorts, it’s sculpted entirely out of white marble, though the pristine coloration dulled overtime and the stone walls are now mostly gray; however, the sculptures of Pokémon deities that line the outside columns and perches remain mostly intact, and are a sight to behold on their own.

As you’d expect, a considerable number of people casually stroll around Knowledge Square, mostly tourists, but very few actually enter the Library itself. In this day and age, it’s exceedingly rare for people to outwardly display an interest in books, you realize – there is simply too much information, readily accessible via a PokéGear’s internet connection, for younger folk to turn to good old written paper.

You resolutely climb the stairs leading to the building’s main gate, a huge heavy door made of solid oak wood, and finally step inside the legendary Library. It’s every bit as grand as you’d anticipated, with enormous bookstands rising in dozens of rows to your left and right; a long crimson tapestry, unadorned and visibly worn but impeccably dusted, extends from the entrance all the way to a desk on the opposite side of the main hall, a long distance away, but common sense dictates you should approach the librarian first and foremost, so it’s literally time to walk the red carpet.

As you go along, Ulysses perched on your shoulder remaining as silent as possible, you begin to look around. For all the magnificence of the place, it feels quite frankly disheartening to see so many empty seats, barely anyone taking time to explore the wonders of this place anymore. In fact, what few people you do manage to spot seem to also be tourists wandering around out of interesting for the building itself rather than its contents, none of them displaying any visible interest in lingering around for too long.
You finally reach the other side of the room, where the librarian’s desk is place. An old but majestic piece of mahogany, each of its four legs shaped after a Noctowl, with dozens of books and papers scattered across the table’s surface. Across it from you sits a minuscule old woman, wearing a pair of heavy-looking glasses with thick lenses, thoroughly immersed in some obviously ancient documents that look like they could crumble at the slightest touch.

After a prolonged moment of deafening silence, in which you wonder if you should break the ice, the woman suddenly speaks up, not diverting her gaze from the papers for a mere second. Her voice, high-pitched and conveying unfeigned annoyance, makes it perfectly clear for you how she feels about being interrupted.


morningstar: ((Pokémon declared 2/6: Mawile, Scraggy))

The Bullarum Industrial Complex is far from the prettiest sight in New Fizz City, though there’s no denying it’s one of the less crowded, especially compared to the bustling plazas at the heart of the bustling metropolis. Or so you’d like to think.

As you, Éclair and Monte make your way along the various warehouses and refinery buildings, trying your best to ignore the pungent scent of oil in the air, you suddenly hear a strangely familiar – and not too pleasant – sound coming from somewhere nearby: sirens.
You rush to meet the origin of the sound, only to discover that, in front of one of the larger storage compounds, four Police cars have just parked, their sirens still flashing white and blue. You keep watching from a distance; two officers make their way out of each vehicle, then open the back door to let out two Growlithe. All in all, eight policemen and eight hounds stand a few feet away from you, scanning the perimeter with their eyes and scent respectively, obviously looking for something – or someone. So much for getting away from the commotion…

Whoever it is that they’re after seems to have upstaged them, because the force is clearly at a loss for leads. The way they look around in apprehension, uncoordinated and hesitant, can only mean one of two things: either they haven’t been properly briefed, or whatever they’re looking for is dangerous enough to keep them on their toes even with eight Growlithe on their side.

All of a sudden, every dog starts barking in unison, making a ruckus out of nowhere. It takes a while for you to realize that, however, they seem to be barking in your direction!

“W-wait! Over there! After her!”
“Don’t let her get away!”
“Get a move on, you idiots!!”

In a matter of seconds, the entire squad is running in your direction, alerted by the hounds who easily picked up your scent. This is obviously a huge misunderstanding, but is there really time to explain?! Quick, what do you do – run the hell away or risk reasoning with the rushing police force and their hounds?!
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