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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Violette's purplish eyes glistened at the sight of the stones. She reached out a paw to touch one of them, but Ai, recognizing the identity of the stones, gently moved her paw away. Lucas would probably not be terribly happy with having his Vulpix make such a startling transformation.

"Now, now, Violette," she scolded calmly, "let's try to help the nice Sableye first before we go touching things that aren't ours," she turned to Sableye, smiling, "We'll find your jewels - don't you worry."

Violette seemed a little disappointed in not being able to touch the rock, but her attention was quickly diverted by the proposal of a treasure hunt.

"So what are we doing?" Koi asked as he came back into the conversation, clearly a little annoyed.

"Well, I suppose we should start looking around for any potential leads, perhaps check some of the nearby wrecks?"

Koi simply shrugged at the suggestion, seeming not terribly enthusiastic about the plan, but not outwardly protesting either.

"I guess we can just go do a quick survey of the wrecks around the beach..." Ai poses, though she does not appear terribly confident in her proposal.

"That'll take ages," Koi complains, rolling his eyes, "There are tons of wrecks just around here alone. There's no telling where they could be and looking at each individual wreck is going to take more time than we have."

"True..." Ai considers, "Well, maybe our friend here can give us some direction" - she turns to Sableye - "do you have an idea of who might have stolen your gems and where they would have hidden them?"


The Sableye took a step back. "Thank you so mu... I mean, uh... did I say stolen? Do you think they were stolen!? Oh... oh goodness... I hadn't considered that possibility." He hung his head in humiliation, rubbing the back of it anxiously. He let out a sigh and looked up at the trio sheepishly.

"So... I guess that is possible, yes. I... may have gotten carried away last week..." He trailed off a bit and started to fidget with the stones in his hands. "Maybe we should... talk about where else they could possibly have gone, huh? Haha..."

Ai and Koi stared at him with suspicious, squinted eyes. Why was he changing the subject?

"...right. I guess I should just be honest. Last week, I went off gather some food for the week, like I always do... and then, wouldn't you know it, I stumbled upon something incredible! Right in the side of the base of the mountain overlooking the fjord. It was a cavern I hadn't known about before. I was so excited! So, naturally, I went in, and what I saw was... it really made me drool. Beautiful, gorgeous sky blue crystals, dozens of them, jutting out of the floor, walls, and ceilings, they were everywhere! I couldn't resist, I started eating right there! ... And, well... I uh... it wasn't until I had pulled it out of the wall and started to chow down that I realized I had just taken a bite out of a Pokemon. A Carbink, in fact. AHH, DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! I'm not some kind of Pokemon eater! It was a, er... it was a mistake! I didn't know any better, believe me! Please don't be freaked out, my momma raised me right, I swear!"

He started moving up and down and twiddling his thumbs, frowning. It's not really certain whether or not he really did knowingly do this - Sableye have been known to hunt Carbink in the past, so while his story is plausible, most would still find it questionable.

"Please, you gotta help. The other Carbink - they woke up and started shouting at me, chasing me out of the cave. They attacked me and swore I'd pay for what I did, but, well, I guess I didn't really believe them. So... if they were really stolen... then, I guess that's where I'd start. It's on the other side of the beach, at the base of that mountain that overlooks the fjord..."
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