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After wiggling the latch a bit, the mechanism released its tight grip on the sealed door with a heavy creaking noise. The door itself wasn't too difficult to lift, though, it was a bit heavier than it appeared to be.

You grabbed hold of the rusty handle that protruded from the back of it, pulling it upwards until the door swung open and rested carefully on its decrepit hinges. A short, brick staircase led downward, appearing to be only about ten to fifteen steps deep. With your mind made up, you descended the staircase to the bottom, Pouli lighting the way alongside you.

The platform at the bottom led forward in what was essentially a small brick hallway, about twenty feet deep at most. Aside from large, wooden double doors embedded into the wall at end, the corridor was empty. As the light of the Wisp slowly revealed the closed doors as you approached them, you realized they were not only much taller than you had thought upon first glance, but that they were also engraved with beautifully detailed carvings.

On the left was what appeared to be two large, thin, cat-like figures, sitting still with several smaller, similar looking figures surrounding them. They stared downward toward the metal lock that spanned the crevice of the two doors, except for the two tall ones - one of which had its head turned backward, and the other facing straight across to the other door. On the opposite side was - nothing. The door was completely blank, devoid of any carvings, which was extremely odd as you were certain that you had noticed that both doors were engraved - though perhaps it was just the way the shadows played upon their wooden faces that had initially left you with that impression.

There was no grime, dust, or cobwebs collecting or caking anywhere on either of the two doors. They looked clean, and were extremely well preserved, to the point where it almost seemed as though they had been taken care of on a regular basis. With nowhere else to go but back or forward, you reached your hands down to grab the handles and...

They wouldn't budge, both doors locked tight. This didn't come to much of a surprise, as there was a fairly large, steel panel that sat centered between the two doors with an oddly shaped keyhole fixated in the middle.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" A stern voice suddenly boomed from behind you. You released your grip on the doors, turning suddenly to see an elderly man staring at you only a few feet away. Pouli jumped backward and immediately began to growl, having not noticed the man's approach. The man was stiff, and grimaced, his eyes staring daggers. His clothing looked like something a last century butler would wear, and his hair was long and graying, tied back in a ponytail, and his beard was rough and short, covering the majority of his face. "I am the groundskeeper of this facility. I heard you fall through the floor earlier and rushed down here to help. However, this area is off limits. If you would be so kind as to follow me, I can treat your wounds upstairs and offer you a drink." He turned his back to you and began to walk forward, his stern voice inflecting more of a demand than a request, despite how unnatural it sounded.


Kratos lifted the man gently upward and back, and then bent some of the roots of a nearby tree to form a sort of flatbed with an incline, gently laying the man down on the bed-like fixture, giving him a place to rest. He had stopped coughing, and was breathing slowly, his hands at his sides. The Golduck even took initiative and used its Psychic to tear some leaves from the canopy above, forming them into a spherical cushion and sliding the resulting pillow of leaves underneath of the man's head. What the Golduck did not expect, however, was that doing this caused four Wacan berries and three Oran berries to fall from the tree above, dropping onto your heads and bouncing onto the forest floor.

After making sure the man was securely safe and sufficiently out of harm's way, you decided to retrace the trail of muddy footprints that the man had left behind to see if you could find any clues that might lead you to the man's belongings. It wasn't but maybe twenty minutes into the walk that it had started to downpour, causing the man's footprints to slowly begin to disappear as the heavy rain crashed into the ground. You continued forward a bit, the intense downfall making it difficult to see too far in front of you, when suddenly you lost your footing and tumbled down the side of a small, muddy hill, splashing into a swamp below. The rain and the lack of a trail now made it difficult to proceed, not to mention the situation you had found yourself in in the swamp, but you remembered two pieces of key information the man had given you: He was at the mangrove wall that divided the swamp and the sea, and the last thing he remembered was being thrown against large jagged rocks. Whether he was referring to ones that jutted out of the oceanside, or the area of rocky shore that lined part of the mangrove wall, you were unsure.

Suddenly, something brushed against your leg. And then it happened again. There was a splash in the distance, and two yellow fins protruded from the swamp - and then another pair, and another, and another. They all slowly started gliding through the water, moving directly toward you, the gap between you and them closing incredibly quickly.

Missingno. Master:

The drunkard's answers seemed to only provide more questions, and finding the help you needed was appearing as though it was going to be a bit difficult.

You looked around the village, but the streets were scarce of people and Pokemon. Things seemed bleak. You returned to the town square, where you had entered, when suddenly there was a tap on your shoulder.

"Hello stranger! I've never seen you around these parts before. Sorry, I didn't mean to do you a frighten." The woman was young, probably in her late teens. She wore a blue dress with a white floral design and was holding a basket with both hands with several jars in it. She seemed excited to talk to a traveler. "I know this might be a long shot, but, well, we don't find many folks out here to often lately, seein' as how we're a bit off the beaten path and all... sort of makes business kinda hard." She frowned, and turned her gaze before blushing slightly, possibly feeling she had said too much. "Anyway, I'm sure you already know, but our little village here has a very special Honey that you can't find anywhere else! That's because our..." she trailed off a bit. Her face suddenly looked like a Deerling in headlights. "Anyway, we have a bargain deal right now! Three jars for $200! We have the finest Honey around, money back guarantee! H-here, um, take a free sample! I promise it won't disappoint!"

The woman looked a bit desperate, and was doing a terrible job of hiding it. However, she seemed to be much more willing to talk than anyone else. Perhaps this was the chance you were looking for...?


Kalos, this was not. It was a bit depressing to come to that realization as you trekked through the swamp alongside your Squirtle, hoping that perhaps there was something more you would have been able to find here in the The Black Marsh to satiate your homesickness.

Alas, that was not the case. Knee-deep in swamp water, you waded forward hoping to find something to bring you adventure, something to justify your optimism. You noticed that this water was not like most swamps; the water was clear, pure, clean. Occasionally, fish Pokemon swam by, making sure to keep their distance. You aren't sure how long you and Greg waded through the swamp for, but suddenly, something happened that made you stop dead in your tracks, ceasing movement entirely. A sound... no, music.

It was distant, but clear: It sounded like a symphony. Yes, you were certain. Strings and wind instruments played a song you had never heard before, beautifully and in unison with chimes and sounds that resembled xylophones. You waded closer to it, the music reverberating and echoing down a shaded forest path away from the swamp. It was almost like a scene from a movie. The path shined brightly as the sun penetrated the canopy, rays pouring through the leaves between bent trunks and vines. You watched the forest's majesty as the symphony grew slightly louder, and noticed that a small grouping of flowers near the swamp side slowly began to blossom, their petals carefully beginning to open, as though the song was having an effect on them. Do you ease your curiosity and pursue the source of the sound?
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