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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Moilock Marsh: The northern fish tail-like part of the main island is a large dense wetland mostly made from water flowing in from the plains and even the Blue Valley above. Despite the marsh’s deep connections to the sea, something there keeps the water fresher than expected. The marsh is named for a Minnao man haunted by nightmares who was said to have gone out to the marsh in a fit of madness, never to be seen again. Here, many Pokemon are often spotted lurking below the water’s surface, aiming for the next boat they can flip over and soak the occupants. Please respond in olivedrab. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.
Ffion had to admit that the phenomena she investigated usually weren't as... well-known and advertised as this one. Indeed, the story of Moilock was printed on all the promotional materials, all the flyers for Minnao... perhaps the intent was to attract gawking, mystery-loving tourists like her, but hell, she'll take the bait all the same. Sure, the mystery of Moilock's disappearance lacked the bombast and overwhelming existential terror of previous missions, and yet it was that very subtlety that drew her, barefoot and knees deep in marsh water, to Moilock's namesake. Perhaps it really was just an isolated case of an unfortunate man suffering from night terrors or sleep paralysis, who was unable to seek help and could not bear his condition any longer. But even if that's all it was... didn't he deserve to be found? Didn't he deserve someone - even a foreigner from Unova - to care about him enough to go off into the marsh to look for clues? Granted, Ffion was quite mad herself, but even still... something about the whole story seemed odd, even through the gloss and polish of travel brochures.

She wondered if she should find a boat. She wondered, given the reputation of the Pokemon here, if she should even bother. Besides, Bogie the Spritzee seemed perfectly content fluttering about on his little wings, well above the waters his trainer was forced to trudge through. The contented little fairy smelled of beach roses and sea spray, clearly excited to be touring an island - even if it wasn't quite the serene walk on the beach he pictured when his trainer mentioned a trip to the Minnao Isles. They were on an adventure together, and this was enough to bring him joy. Ffion couldn't help but smile at this, though her heart weighed heavy - how long would that innocence last? She looked out into the marsh, and envisioned Moilock, driven by horrible sights unseen far from his home and into lands unknown. Perhaps it was some measure of empathy she felt for the man that drove her here... but best not to second guess her motives when she had come so far already.
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