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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
PikaGod: Leaving the bothersome rehearsal behind, you step out onto the sands of the Red Beach. Tourists were set up for the day here and there, watching over children and Pokemon alike with cautious eyes but enjoying soaking in the sun all the same. Some trainers were swimming amid the waves with their own Pokemon - some drifting casually, others racing one another in an attempt to better their times. It was quite a sight to behold, this marriage of Pokemon and trainers happily going about their business, and you find yourself sucked into the atmosphere a little as you begin to walk with your Pokemon. This leaves your awareness of your surroundings a little lacking, and without warning you find yourself falling to the sands. As you look up to discover who had just bowled you over, you find yourself staring into the green eyes of a young man. His expression was troubled, clearly irritated by the collision, but he is happy to help you back to your feet all the same.

"Sorry about that. My fault entirely. Anyway ..."

Without so much as another word, the man walks away, clearly looking for something. His own concentration was lacking - other tourists had to sidestep the man here and there to avoid being bowled over in a manner similar to yourself. The man, in fairness, likely could have knocked over anyone on the beach. He was tall - very tall - and well built, having an athlete's body. His skin was tanned brown, indicating that he could well be a local, and his hair was a dark shade of brown. He was wearing a pair of green swimming trunks, and despite his sure manner which pervaded his stride, it was clear that he was somewhat troubled.
"What in the everloving fu-!"

Melody was caught off guard just as she was about to let loose on whomever decided that they had a death wish. She was expecting some fugly tourist to be the culprit, not a stud of a hunk. It took all of Melody's willpower not to audibly growl at the sight of him. The man let out an apology, a half hearted apology, and then just kept walking. Melody wanted to be mad at him, knocking her over and then just goddamn walking away. But apparently today, Melody was super damn thirsty, and he was also quite nice to watch walking away.

But not that thirsty though, she did notice that there was something not quite right. Melody was meant to be bonding with her new teammates, the pair already playing in the sand, making very rudimentary castles, butsurely they could run one little errand and then come back. She bent down and motioned to Rompette and Speaker, the pair running back to her side.

"Hey wait up!" she called out to the man, "Is everything alright?"
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