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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
OkikuMew (2/3) – Regardless of what strange, mystical power this egg possessed, there was no excuse for rudeness. Proclaiming the floating ovoid a “bad egg”, Mélina decides to make her way to the Shrine of the Moon, hoping to find some well-behaved babies in the shrine's cool, dark shade.

Lunala's outstretched wings, rendered in great detail in the statue's obsidian stone, appear ominous at first; yet, as Mélina approaches the statue, there is a strong aura of tranquility, and the presence of a deep silence. Even the very act of breathing feels disrespectful in such inexplicably profound stillness, but the moon emissary's eyes are calm and oddly reassuring. Even in broad daylight, the shade is ever-present here, and the temptation exists to lie down by the statue's base and take a quick snooze... The beings here would surely find that rude though, wouldn't they? As the thought crosses Mélina's mind, Starlette's ears perk up, and the well-dressed Pikachu points to the right side of the statue. Were it not for the quiet, it would have been hard to hear, but given the environment and Starlette's cue to be on the alert, Mélina is eventually able to discern the sound of soft, gentle breathing... Something sleeping.

Sure enough, hiding in the thick grass surrounding the base of the statue where the noise originates, a grey egg can be seen, the occupant inside presumably napping the day away... Upon closer inspection, there is a big, yellow heart symbol on the egg. Perhaps the baby within had a big heart, too...? Hard to tell without waking it up.

Will Mélina pick up this egg, or continue her search?
As she arrived right in front of the Shrine of the Moon, Mélina catched her breath at the sight of the statue, one representing the protector of the shrine, Lunala. She tried to keep her gasp silent though, as even though it was just a statue, it just felt like simple breathing was frowned upon. Maybe it's the whole "you can't breathe in space" thing or that maybe the Moone Pokémon doesn't breathe itself, she thought, but she couldn't really put her finger on the reason. One thing for sure though, it felt like it was oozing of both authority yet relaxing and caring. The trainer thought perhaps in the days of old, Lunala was seen as a motherly entity. The kind that you would sleep soundly in its arms without any fear...

Starlette's ears suddenly perk up and twitch. She looked around, and then noticed something... she dashed towards her trainer, then pulled on her jeans.

"What is is Starlette?" Mélina whispered as she looked down to her Pikachu.

"Pika, pi!" the Pokémon hushed back, pointing in a tush tall grass at the base at the statue.

As she looks closer, sure enough, there was a grey egg with a yellow heart resting - literally, as it seemed to be softly breathing! Mélina smiled and resisted not to utter a loud awww at the adorable thing. Instead, she looks at her partner and placed her index on her lips. Yes, she does realize that she's not picking up yet another egg, but this time, she simply didn't want to bother the sleepy little one. After imagining herself patting the egg, she left it behind her and continued her search for for a different Pyukumuku egg.

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