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Ami saw the Posy Picker Pokemon float in, but it wasn't the pixie's appearance that blew he away. Rather, it was the soothing scent its flowers gave off. There weren't that many strong, sweet-smelling flowers along the path she walked since leaving Chroma's side, so having Spring Incarnate make her way to her was most certainly a pleasant surprie. "Aaah, that's so beautiful..." She said wistfully before shaking herself out of her trance. "I can see why you kept her, that's for sure!" She nodded to the comfey as she stood up. "Hello, Flora, I'm Ami, someone here for shelter against the storm. Nice to meet you!"

'Is it? I, uh, use sound to sense the world around me, so the only details I'm missing are these 'color' things everyone's talking about.' Nadie thought for a second, as if trying to verify a memory. 'The weird information box my trainer's sister has says that I'll have working eyes if I go through the evolution thing, so that'll help out there.' The woobat let out a surprised squeak as a realization suddenly dawned on him. 'Wait, I never said that out loud! Did you just read my mind?!'

Bell's expression clearly lit up now that the conversation wasn't so awkward, even if he did stumble a bit on the skitty's name at first.. 'Hello, R-r-rumpelteaser! My name's Bell.' He was about reaching an arm out like humans do, then thought better of it. Neither of them had 'hand' things, after all!

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