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Kawaii nodded then saw Flora floating to her. The trainer smiled "This is a Comfey." She said as the flower covered creature floated by her.
Frieghya tited her head You are blind. she mused but you can sense my fur texture. Increadible.
Rumble teaser blushed "o-oh k-kay. I-i'm R-rumpleteaser, n-nice t-to m-meet y-you."

Kawaii nodded and lead them into the kitchen "This is the Kitchen, you can see Little Miss is making lunch. That table can fit around 15 pokemon and myself." she explained gestuing to the table in the section seperated from the kitchen by only a change in floor tile.
Little miss blushed "Did she? She inspired me to start cooking."
Frieghya nodded [i]Little Miss is quite food at it too.[/]
with that the espeon moved from the kitchen into the doorway of a pink-themed room This is my trainer's room. She does not allow other people in here without her permission but let's us pokemon come and go at will. Sometimes I come in here to nap if the pokemon bedroom is full. She shrugged You can look around in there if you want, she's kinda scattered.

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