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Ami couldn't help but be impressed. Wasn't this the same ledyba that was just sent to find the comfey creature? "Woah, that's pretty impressive! I can't say I have any chefs yet, myself."

Nadie could feel that someone was staring at him, but couldn't begin to guess why. Maybe they were expecting him to be more active as a guest or something? Better not leave them hanging, then! he thought as he turned to fly down to meet Freighya. Blind as he was, the woobat's echolocation was enough to tell him that he was about to speak with a feline pokemon with fur that would beyond smooth to the touch (for other creatures capable actually doing so without messing up their ability to move first, he thought with just a small touch of jealousy). 'Hello! How are you?' he asked, not quite sure if that was the right way to start a conversation with someone he's never met before.

Bell opened his mouth to apologize again, then thought better of it. '...Maybe we should just say that it's both our faults? I think it would be kind of silly to keep going like this...'

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