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Both trainers and the ref stroll into a calm clearing. A musical note seems to hum in the air as the wind rustles the fresh grass and glides over the crystal clear pond. What a serene place to have a battle. Being the challenger BraveSaix walks to the far side of the ring. While on the way Saix sees a Hoothoot being sent out by his opponent and starts to ponder who from his squad will be first. After reaching the far side of the ring a second Pokemon is unleashed unto the field of battle. This time its a Dewpider who lands inside the pool of water. Bird vs. Bug... Getting flash backs of Ash from season one trying to catch a Pidgey here. Well hopefully there's a plan behind all of this.

Dewpider (Water/Bug): Dewpider are adept both on land and in water, being able to propel themselves with their bubble when submerged. Their Water type attacks are amplified by the watery bubble surrounding their body, dealing an additional 10% damage. In addition, this barrier will slightly reduce the power of incoming Fire moves.
Hoothoot (Normal/Flying): As owls, Hoothoot and Noctowl are the quietest fliers amongst Pokémon, and are almost inaudible as they fly. Hoothoot can see in the dark and fight more enthusiastically at night. Their Hypnosis and Foresight attacks are more effective than normal and take less energy to perform. They are resistant to sleep inducing moves.
With the mandatory anime check from the Pokedex entries complete, honestly why do they always do this, both battlers and Pokemon take their stances to begin the battle.

Gracefully skating around on the ponds surface Glyde begins to spin in circles faster and faster. The force from all this spinning starts to cause the water at the center of Glyde's circle to buldge upwards slightly. Upon seeing this Nott decides it's better to obey her nature and take to the sky. With a loud rumble the peace of Mt. Moon is broken as a large pillar of water rockets skyward chasing the owl. Nott can hear the spray of the roaring torrent right behind her and puts all she can into Flying high to avoid the reverse Waterfall. A frown crosses Glyde's face as gravity starts to work its magic on his spectacular attack and the water begins to fall back to earth like a sudden shower. To make matters even worse the spider sees Nott now charging at him covered with painful looking flying energy. Nott feels the power of her token pulsate through her as she begins to pick up even more speed before crashing into the bug type.
Wheeling back in pain from the aerial assault the Dewpider skids back to the edge of the pond. Still feeling the sting of his foes beak in his side the Glyde grits his teeth and goes for a breath attack. Gulping down as much air as possible Glyde fills his lungs to the brink and begins to chill their contents. Taking note of this Nott gives an owl like chuckle as she prepares to negate the effort. Quickly exhaling Glyde unleashes his Frost Breath, but the only thing that it hits is a Protective wall that is surrounding Nott. Leaving the owl as happy as can be.

Glyde was the only one to take a hit this round and has lost a sizable amount of his first quarter. Both battlers are about even for energy.
Current PASB record wins 24, losses 14, Draws 0
KO= 72 TP= 200 SP= .75 TL 4
Ref Grade C+

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