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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
The Sableye looked temporarily relieved upon hearing the three Pokemon would hear its story, but still eagerly tapped his foot against the ground.

"I don't know, I don't know where to even begin! Okay okay, calm down, I just need to calm down..."

The Sableye took a deep breath. If it could have closed its eyes, it probably would have. "Basically, I love gems. I love to eat them! I eat rocks, gems, crystals, diamonds, you name it! But the thing is, some gems are especially beautiful, and some have a special place in my heart or have a fond memory attached to them. So, I started collecting them." The Sableye turned his gaze away from the trio for a moment and looked back at the ship, motioning toward it. "This is my home. Twice a week, I get up before dawn and head over to the side of the Starlight Summit and dig into the old volcano looking for food. Well, this morning, I went out like I always do. I know that my gem collection was there, because I keep it in a leather bag right next to where I sleep! It's the first thing I see every morning, and the last thing I see every night!"

The Sableye began pacing anxiously back and forth, and started biting its thumb. "I know it was there this morning, so it's only been a few hours! I just got back a few minutes ago with tonight's dinner, and as soon as I walked in, my bag was gone!"

The Sableye began sobbing, though it wasn't actually able to cry, which was admittedly a little silly. It put its hands over its jewel-like eyes and sat on the ground, curled up. "I don't know what to do. My collection had a lot of gems in it, most of them are pretty small, but there are some big ones..." He paused for a moment and took a deep breath. "There were all kinds of pretty ones in there... some were shaped like diamonds, and had different colors, others were weird, long shapes and multicolored, ooh! I even had an Old Amber I found one day, it was just so pretty, I had to take it!"

The Sableye frowned again and turned back to the group. Suddenly, he lit up. "Hold on!"

The Pokemon disappeared into the ground. A moment later, it re-emerged from where it had left. It opened its mouth and pulled out two rocks. "Look, these are pretty, right! Well, I just found these today when I was looking for food, and I was thinking of adding them to my collection, because they don't taste particularly good, but..." he trailed off. In one hand, he held a crystallized rock that appeared to have a single snowflake trapped inside of it. In the other was a small flat-bottomed rock that was some sort of collective of spiky icicles jutting upward. "Please! If you can find my collection, I'll reward you with these as a token of thanks! If you can't find them though... I guess I'll need to start over with these then..."

There were too many questions as to what could have happened to the bag. The beach was wide open and littered with shipwrecks, and there were all sorts of places it could have gotten off to, though it does sound like a possible classic case of theft... Where do you start? What do you do - if anything?
Violette's purplish eyes glistened at the sight of the stones. She reached out a paw to touch one of them, but Ai, recognizing the identity of the stones, gently moved her paw away. Lucas would probably not be terribly happy with having his Vulpix make such a startling transformation.

"Now, now, Violette," she scolded calmly, "let's try to help the nice Sableye first before we go touching things that aren't ours," she turned to Sableye, smiling, "We'll find your jewels - don't you worry."

Violette seemed a little disappointed in not being able to touch the rock, but her attention was quickly diverted by the proposal of a treasure hunt.

"So what are we doing?" Koi asked as he came back into the conversation, clearly a little annoyed.

"Well, I suppose we should start looking around for any potential leads, perhaps check some of the nearby wrecks?"

Koi simply shrugged at the suggestion, seeming not terribly enthusiastic about the plan, but not outwardly protesting either.

"I guess we can just go do a quick survey of the wrecks around the beach..." Ai poses, though she does not appear terribly confident in her proposal.

"That'll take ages," Koi complains, rolling his eyes, "There are tons of wrecks just around here alone. There's no telling where they could be and looking at each individual wreck is going to take more time than we have."

"True..." Ai considers, "Well, maybe our friend here can give us some direction" - she turns to Sableye - "do you have an idea of who might have stolen your gems and where they would have hidden them?"

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