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Kawaii nodded "Nice to meet you too. If you will come into the kitchen my ledyba has just finished her cooking."
Frieghya wandered over and stared at the woobat. Her team contained a woobat but this one was different. She couldn't tell how yet.
Rumpleteaser shook off her paw "n-no d-don't w-wory a-about i-it."

Kawaii nodded in greeting to Andromeda, she was used to psychic types now. "Nice to meet you Andromeda. It's nice to see Pamona and James again too." She lead Keith and his pokemon further into the living room. "This is the livingroom slash entrance room. My team and I watch T.V. in here or we just relax. Sometimes I play video games. There is also a healing machine in the corner it also hooks up to your pokedex to access your P.C."
Freighya grinned Well, this is the living/entrance room. Sometimes we watch T.V. sometimes we read or Kawaii will draw out here. There's a healing machine in the corner for visiting trainers. she lead Cyanide down the hall to the Kitchen. Here is the Kitchen where you can see Little Miss cooking Lunch.
Indeed the Ledyba was flying quickly around preparing what looked like burritos but in a buffet-style. She paused and waved to the Eeveloutions "Hello Frieghya, lunch will be ready in about 5 minuets ,who is your friend ?"

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