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Brave Saix:

You were greeted by a bright, Sunny Day as you and your Pokemon stepped outside. The air was still and you could hear the chirping of Bird Pokemon nearby. You made your way up the wooden steps of the shrine and through the signature Torii gate, enjoying the ancient architecture. There were a couple of tourists praying at the shrine, who noticed you walking past and acknowledged you with a nod.

Taking a right at the shrine, you walked along a gravel path lined with stone lanterns. It wasn’t too long of a walk before you arrived at the stones Madoka had told you to take note of. They were tall, pillar-like statues with engravings of the two Meteorite Pokemon. Lunatone’s singular eye was represented by a ruby embedded in the rock, while Solrock was dotted with yellow topaz. The gap between the stones wasn’t too wide, but you were able to slide yourself through by taking your backpack off and holding it in front of you. The other side opened up to a canyon-like area, with tall rocks surrounding you on each side. There was a forked path marked by a sign, “Starline Falls” to the right, and “Ishi Caverns” to the left. You continued on to the left, hoping that you’d arrive at your destination soon.

Jill noticed the entrance to the cavern first, and flew to it as soon as she spotted it. She looked happy to have made the discovery, and peered into the depths. You could see that the cavern was lined with torches, providing a good amount of light to see quite some way down. At the end of your vision you spotted the outline of a mine cart.

Julian seemed to want to get in on the excitement as well, and pointed your attention to the nearby cliff. It looked like others had been there before, with indents in the cliff face that could probably be used as hand and foot holds. At the very top, someone had left a metal peg that could probably hold a rope steady. The trial captain had told you both areas held the possibility of finding what you were looking for. The question was, where was the best place to start your search?

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