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Realizing the futility of trying to pry Budew away from the overprotective Sunflora at the present moment, Lucas turned his attention towards the path ahead of him. Maybe if he could explore around a little bit, he might be able to find some clues about why Budew is with the Sunfloras. In the very least, maybe he could find something to replenish the Budew’s strength a bit.

Getting back to his feet, Lucas begrudgingly left the withering Budew behind and began making his way down the paths that were lined with beautiful and exquisite flower beds. After a short while of walking, Lucas came to a juncture in the pathway. Before him stood a small sign that read “Roses” with an arrow pointing up ahead. Knowing the Budew’s true species of flower, it was a good sign. He proceeded ahead to check out the roses.

The garden around him was truly breathtaking. There were roses of every color and assortment growing all around him, and yet, as he wanted into the rose section of the garden, Lucas felt an indescribable shift in the vibe of the plants around him. While the sunflowers and the brightly colored flowers from before the juncture felt warm and radiant, the flowers here emitted a refined, elegant beauty. They gave off a very strict ‘look, but do not touch’ kind of feeling.

Walking a little further down the path, Lucas spotted a flowerbed that was filled with Budew and their evolved form, Roselia. A stark contrast from the Budew he found earlier, the Pokemon here appeared very stiff and serious. Almost like tiny plant soldiers, they neatly stood in precise rows with the Budews in front and the Roselias in the back, posing like runway models. Being unable to speak Pokemon, it would be hard for Lucas to inquire about the Budew he found, but this might be a good place to start regardless. What will he do?
Lucas couldn't help but feel a little bit intimidated by the fragile and beautiful flowers deeper into the garden. This intimidation was especially salient when he came across the rows of Budew and Roselia, lined up and frozen like statues, posing gracefully. Though Lucas was a little unsure of what to do now, this seemed like the best starting point for figuring out how to approach handling the Budew situation. The one clear roadblock was communication, however. Once again, Lucas felt a little underprepared, lacking any Pokémon that might be able to easily communicate with these Grass-types. He didn't even really have anything to offer them to garner their good graces, though he figured an off-handed, context devoid gift of food or whatnot might not actually achieve his goals. He figured that he might just have to have one of inexperienced Pokémon take a crack at negotiation with the flower army. Thumbing across the balls on his belt, he selected one, and released Horologerie the Girafarig, who appeared with a calm whinny.

"Okay girl," he started, giving her a pat on the snout, "Would you be able to help me with these Roselia here? I found a Budew nearby who could use some help and I want to see if they don't mind assisting."

The Girafarig brayed quietly, turning to the Pokémon to try and enlist their help. Lucas wasn't sure this would work, especially considering the natural aversion of a part Poison-typed Pokémon to the influences of a Psychic-type, but a levelheaded esper was probably his best option, all things considered.

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