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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Watching the two cub Pokemon battle it out with her Mio and Kei, Patches was torn. She had hoped for a peaceful mediation, but things don’t always go that smoothly. She watched as Mio duked it out with the feisty little Pancham while Kei reluctantly held his ground against the panicked Stufful.

Mio frowned at the Pancham bully was unrelenting in its stance that fighting was better than talking. She let out a fierce Growl, or as fierce as a Pikachu can get, while the Pancham Leered back in defiance, his icy glare matching Mio’s battle cry. Mio then charged into battle, her paw crackling with electricity as she threw a Thunder Punch at Pancham’s face. It was a clean hit, and the small panda winced as it connected, but it did not deter him from countering the hit with four quick Arm Thrusts to Mio’s side. As the two Pokemon squared off, they both panted, trying to catch their breaths. Mio continued her stance that Pancham needs to Play Nice, and the Pancham grit his teeth as his motivation faltered just a little bit. He wasn’t ready to give up just yet, however.

Meanwhile, Kei stared at the Stufful, both of them seemingly in tears as they squared off begrudgingly. Kei preferred to not fight the battered Stufful who in return was only trying to defend itself. The Stufful Leered at Kei to show that it wouldn’t back down, and then it began to Bide its time, waiting for Kei to attack it. However, that attack didn’t come as Kei stood there in an attempt to show his sincerity. Seeing its chance, Stufful switched from fight to flight mode and took off down the hill and toward a small cluster of trees.

Patches faced a decision now. She could either chase after the Stufful, but that might leave Mio in a pinch as the Pancham was preparing itself to unleash two more sets of Arm Thrusts. On the other hand, she could try to finish things off here quickly and then hope to find the Stufful afterward.
Patches continued to watch as Mio battled it out with the Pancham. Finally, things have gone on for so long that she seems to have been able to actually process the entire situation. ’Why is that Pancham attacking Mio? I can’t tell if she needs my help but I think it’d be best if offer it. I hate violence but I can’t allow Mio to get beat down.’ She begins to reach into her bag while thinking of Mio and doesn’t even have time to get what she’s digging for before the Stufful takes off running. “Oh no! Come back!” she prepares to take chase but stumbles when she realizes that would mean leaving Mio behind. ’Ahhhh what do I do, what do I do…’ She’s starting to mildly panic in her head but does her best to pull herself together. ’Alright so, I can’t let that Stufful get away but this little one is clearly upset and needs something to make him happy again! I have just the thing!’

Now that she has figured out a plan in her mind, it is time to put it into action. “Kei! I need you to follow that Stufful and give it a big hug for me when you catch up! We’ll be right behind you!” Kei has a lot of love in his heart so this mission is perfect for a Pokemon like him, he nods and turns away in order to chase after the Stufful. “As for you.” Patches turns back to Mio and the Pancham. Mio gets excited, finally her trainer is actually going to take charge and get things done! She begins to charge up her electricity while she waits for Patches commands so that she is 100% ready to let this little panda Pokemon have it. But what does happen next, Mio wasn’t expecting at all. Patches pulls her hand out of her bag and throws a fist full of sparkling confetti in the Pancham’s face. “Sparkles make me happy so I know they’ll make you feel happy too!” Patches has a huge grin on her face, she feels she has outdone herself with this idea. Mio, however, has been left dumbfounded, and not in a good way. ’I still need to catch up with Kei and that Pancham is definitely small enough to carry so…’ Patches knows what to do next and runs up to the Pancham in order to pick it up and take it along with her because she’s worried about Kei and can’t waste anymore time. Mio is frustrated and continues to Growl while preparing to give it a good Thunder Shock to the system if it tries anything.

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