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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post

The worries that came to your mind did not dissuade you. Remembering an important item in your backpack, you sprang into action. Glasspine looked relieved that you seemed to have an idea. He listened to your instructions readily, though seemed a bit worried about hitting his friend in the face. Closing his eyes in a wince, he reeled his small claw back and drew it sharply across Tori’s face. The Nidorina pulled her blue claw to her cheek, though her eyes still looked dazed. The mushroom she was holding tumbled to the ground, and Glasspine loyally snatched it up. Your Sandshrew knew what the next move was, and in one swift motion he tossed the mushroom your way, and delivered a Poison Jab into the side of the Parasect. It hissed angrily and turned towards its assailant.

You retrieved your Blue Flute successfully and brought it to your mouth. Skillfully, you played the tune made to awaken sleeping Pokemon, keeping your eyes on Tori. Her ears twitched again, but this time she looked up, alert. The song seemed to have snapped the remaining Roselia out of the trance as well. The three of them huddled together, fearful of what they had just experienced. The mushroom’s influence still held some of the Roselia, who were lined up waiting for their new master’s orders. Feeling that Tori was ready, you called out to her to use Sludge Bomb.

“Parasss!” The Parasect ordered, then swiped at your Sandshrew with a Scratch. A mind-controlled Roselia immediately dove out in front of the Parasect, saving it from the toxic substance that Tori had released from her mouth. It was Super Effective, and the Roselia soon fainted with a groan. The group of uninfected Roselia cried out in horror, hiding their faces in their roses.
The Sandshrew had the feeling the mushroom was bad news, but the reluctance to hurt his ally was put aside as he heard Alex's reasoning. Bringing his claw around, he squeaked and closed his eyes before striking the Nidorina in the face, which caused the poison type to bring her paw up to her face, while the other dropped the held mushroom.

"Chuck it here, Glass!" Alex called before bringing the flute to mouth as the fungus was launched in his direction, while the shrew struck forth at the Parasect with his claws steeped in poison, forcing the insect to hiss and turn towards him. The melody from the flute echoed through the area, and as he watched his entranced pokemon, he watched her ears twitch...and then suddenly Tori started, alert and back in control. The Nidorina looked around in some confusion before seeing her companion in battle, and as a bonus the other three Roselia under the trance had snapped out of it, the trio suddenly rather fearful, their friends under the influence of the mushrooms.

"Tori, no time to explain! Sludge bomb that Parasect!" With a nod, the poison type prepared her attack just as the Sandshrew cried in pain, for the Parasect had brought its pincer round in a scratch at the shrew, its plan having been thwarted. With a heave, Tori's missile flew forth, only for one of the controlled Roselia to leap forward and take the attack for the bug, the impact taking it out immediately. The other Roselia, unsurprisingly, cried in horror, hiding their faces behind their flowers, but Alex knew the fight had properly begun. Taking a small plastic bag, he sought to pick up the mushroom by him in the bag and have a closer look after tying the bag to seal it in, while giving the pair orders.

"Glass, hone your claws then strike the Parasect with a pair of fury cutter attacks! Tori, try and get those three Roselia to help out against the bug by confiding the trouble it's causing, then smack the Parasect with ice beam and see if we can't get the group to beat up on him while he's struggling. Should any of those possessed Roselia attack either of you, hit them with a scratch to try and keep them at bay. I've got the mushroom, we can find some way to help the controlled ones after the big guy's down and out."
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