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Meetan - You were completely shocked to find that a Wishiwashi had decided to treat your poor baby as food. But, you were briefly distracted and nearly fell into the river when you heard the little girl screaming from behind you! Good thing you didn’t drop little Mimi. After processing everything that is going on, you decide that you are in a position to handle both of these situations! And that you do!

Mimi has tears streaming down her face but still tries to put on a brave front and listens to your orders. She reaches down with her adorable little arms and begins to Tickle the Wishiwashi in hopes that if it laughs it will open its mouth and be forced to let go! And laugh it does, however, it still doesn’t seem to be interested in letting go anytime soon. The laugh is more like, strange gurgling noises coming from its throat. But for the time being, Mimi persists and continues to Tickle the Wishiwashi hoping it will give in.

Meanwhile, you energetically whip around and fall to your knees, but quickly get back up and dig into your bag! You pull out a cute pink Love Ball with a heart on it and send it flying releasing an adorable pink Pichu. Peach was fired up and totally ready for a fight! She begins to shoot a stream of stars toward the Minccino and it’s so distracted with chasing the little girl that it’s a direct hit! Since it had no chance to brace itself against the impact, it begins to roll and tumble away from the girl. It stands up and looks down at itself only to see that it is also now covered in dirt. Now, that little angry face it had on while chasing that little girl was nothing compared to the face it has now. Now it’s a look of pure rage and it is being aimed right at Peach! Minccino appears to have forgotten about the little girl entirely and is now charging toward Peach at full speed. At the same time, Peach is also charging Minccino. They collide! Minccino Pounds Peach into the ground with its tail, static seemingly has no effect this time. Peach gets back up and grabs onto that same tail and begins to whip the Minccino around in circles, building more and more momentum until finally, she lets go. The Minccino flies through the air and eventually slams into the ground, tumbling across it once more and is now covered in even more dirt. This time it stands back up and takes a good look at itself and tears begin to form in its eyes but it still has a face of rage. It begins to charge at Peach once again, this time ready to give her a serious Pounding since the first time clearly didn’t get the message through.

Because the Minccino has its sights set on Peach, the little girl has managed to run over to you with tears still falling from her eyes. “Thank you so much.. I was so scared..” Right then, Mimi has given up on tickling the Wishiwashi, she knows that if it hasn’t worked yet then it’s not going to. She resorts to your second command and uses her Confusion to send the Wishiwashi flying! And she succeeds! There's just one problem, it still doesn’t let go so she goes flying along with it. She is yanked out of your hands and flies through the air and right into the little girls arms. The little girl had a good catch and holds Mimi out in front of her to get a good look. She gasps! “Soooooo CUUUUUTE!!” The girl is full of pure joy as she stares at the Mime Jr. her eyes are sparkling. “You’re mine now! And you’re going to be mine forever!” She seems to have completely forgotten that you are present because the only thing that seems to exist in her world outside of herself right now is Mimi. Suddenly, she takes off, running away with Mimi who still has the Wishiwashi attached. It would seem you’ve just had your Pokemon stolen, by a little girl no less. And Peach is in quite a situation herself since she has incurred the wrath of Minccino. What are you going to do?

Kyuu-Tales - Finally, you’ve arrived at a beautiful place where you can relax and not have to worry about bad weather or shady characters. You’re able to just enjoy a bright and sunny day with your Pokemon and decide to take a break, laying in the grass and taking in the sun. You smile as Aiolia dances around you in joy, so happy that he is finally in a carefree environment at last. Baian, on the outside doesn’t seem to care either way, but you are still certain he is just as happy. You suddenly stand up with a goal in mind, it’s time to set up a campsite so that you can all get settled in and finally eat.

You notice a spot of shade below a tall oak tree not too far from where you’re at now and decide that is the perfect place. Your Pokemon follow you over to it and you get to work, wasting no time. You begin to unroll your tent so that you can begin to set it up with your Pokemon’s help. Suddenly, you hear a strange rustling sound coming from the tree above you so you look up. Hm, from what you can see nothing appears to be there, maybe it was just the wind. You go back to setting up and get ready to place the tarp into position when you begin to hear that rustling sound again. Once again, you are looking up and examining the tree, trying to see if you can find anything hidden amongst the leaves and branches. You are very distracted by the tree when suddenly the tarp you were once holding is swiped from your hands. You quickly look down at your empty hands in confusion, then you look at your Pokemon who are both just sitting there innocently and yet there is no tarp in your immediate sight. You decide to finally look up and see a Shinx running away full speed while holding the tarp in its mouth as it drags behind it. Then, for a brief moment, you swear you hear something that sounds like suppressed laughter coming from the tree above you. But right now, your tent is getting further away from you the longer you take to think. What are you going to do?

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