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You looked over the stones in scientific frustration, unable to locate anything to give you even a slight hypothesis about for whom the Stone Shrine was made. Though there were many offerings at the shrine, in the form coins dropped in to the saisen and ema placed on a nearby rack, none of them indicated thanks to a particular deity. You had even observed two stone pedestals as you walked up the stairs to the shrine, absent of statues that may have served as protectors of the area. The large, sliding door of the shrine was cracked open slightly, and although it was dark, you could see what looked like materials for ritual. Perhaps a closer look would give your inquiring mind some satisfaction.

A weak breeze blew by, making the wind-chimes hung on the shrine and the tails of your lab coat sway slightly. You observed your Water-type partner, silent as always. It seemed to be facing the direction of the Starline Falls in the distance, perhaps wishing it was there, rather than in the dry climate of the Stone Shrine. Of course, it was hard to know if your new Pokemon had any desires at all. Suddenly, the ruby-red gem on Staryu lit up, and somehow the star-shaped creature looked alert. You followed its line of sight (and wondered if it actually had a mechanism allowing such a thing) to a group of tall stones surrounding the shrine. There, a large dust cloud was forming. As you looked back at your Staryu, the light of its gem fades. It was hard to tell, but you think it was pleased you noticed the commotion in the dirt.

Will you continue your research of the shrine? Or move on to new pursuits?

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