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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
As the three Pokemon trudged through the dark forest, the visibility seemed to be getting worse and worse by the minute. The two Dark type Pokemon seemed unfazed by it; their eyes naturally adjusting to the darkness, but Buru the Smeargle was having a more difficult time. She didn’t want to be the cause of slowing the group down though, so she quietly followed in line behind them.

Lynxa walked with the group, but her mind was elsewhere. She contemplated her new life as a free Sneasel but how it meant that she had to do less than desirable activities like this. As she sulked, her ears perked up. There was a low rumble off in the distance, but she couldn’t tell what it was or where it came from. “Uh, guys?” she spoke up, the first one of them to utter a word since they arrived on the island. Buru glanced over nervously while Thorn pretended to ignore them. “There’s something weird going on up ahead…” she trailed off as a shrill cry erupted from the bushes ahead.

A battered and beaten foxlike Pokemon emerged from the bushes, covered in gashes and cuts. The poor Eevee looked like it had been burned as well. “You mean this?” Thorn asked, coming to a stop and looking down at the pitiful Eevee coldly. Buru rushed to the Eevee’s side to see if she could help it in any way. “There’s got to be something we can do,” she muttered.

Even still, Lynxa’s ears continued to twitch. “Actually, I think there’s something much bigger out there…” she replied uneasily. Thorn sat the bag down next to Buru, sighing before standing his ground before them. If anything happened to the two of them, he knew Gary would definitely cut off his chocolate allowance. “Just stand behind me and try not to get hurt.” Thorn braced himself for whatever may come by sprinkling a layer of Spikes at the edge of the brush and prepared himself to use Spiky Shield if he needed to.
Withering Woods


Your team seems to get in a surprisingly competent defensive formation for being relatively inexperienced at working together, Thorn taking point and preparing to defend his compatriots to the best of his abilities. Certainly, the chocolate would be worth the trouble in the end, and he simply couldn't do without it. A Spike trap is laid at the edge of the brush to dissuade potential attackers from getting the jump on them. The three wait for a few tense moments, with nothing much seeming to happen, the faint rumbling in the distance seeming to die down entirely. The downwind breeze quiets and the air becomes still. The shadowed woods were, for that single, transient moment, completely and utterly silent.

Then the first embers were lit.

Instantly, the trees to either side of the group goes up in an billowing, orange blaze, the roar of the now raging fire almost managing to drown out the panicked cry of the injured Eevee that was found just moments earlier. Clouds of ash quickly fill the immediate area, reducing the already low visibility further yet. A piercing chorus of howls is clearly audible to the ragtag trio over the crackling inferno, seeming to come from every direction. It would be nigh impossible to locate the origin or origins of the sound, but it certainly sounds very close.

At the sound of the approaching pack, the small brown fox yips in terror, and begins trying to crawl towards one of the few openings that are still not ablaze. It doesn't seem to be getting very far on its own, though; without help, it will certainly burn alive in the forest, or perhaps worse.

What will you do?


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