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"Oh, okay! In that case..." she dug through her bag until she pulled out a plain pokeball. "Nadie, come say hello!" The orb let out a flash of white light that materialized into the furry blue form of a woobat. "This is my first partner, Nadie. And this here is Miss, er..." Ami's introduction inevitably fell a bit short. "Um, I don't think we've introduced ourselves, now that I think about it." The woobat was patiently hovering, waiting for the pink haired lady to reveal her identity.

Now Bell knew the Devious Pokemon was overexaggerating. Ami occasionally talked about her 'sister' and her pokemon, the first and foremost (a.k.a., starter) of which was a fearsome female that frequently bickered with her trainer while keeping the rest of the group in check behind the scenes. He didn't exactly know about any of the other arguments she made though. 'Not all of those are true...' he mumbled unconvincingly. A sudden push against his water bubble caused him to lose balance a bit and wobble back and forth, accidentally breaking its tension so that Rumpleteaser's paw entered it and became wet. "Uwah, I'm sorry!" he exclaimed, taking a few steps back to free the kitten's foot.

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