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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post

♨ Bubbling Beach ♨


"Oh thank you, thank you so much!" the Pansear cheers gratefully, looking a little relieved that someone agreed to help, "I'm sure he had a den - I've seen those bugs skitter around here before."

Surely enough, even after only a few moments, Pouli's skilled nose picked up a scent. The musky smell of the bug was not hard to locate, and the trail was still obviously quite fresh. The duo (with Pansear in tow) is swiftly led by the instinctual draw of Pouli's tracking around a few corners and into a small, cave-like area wedged between two raised springs. It's a tight squeeze, but all three Pokémon manage to follow the trail into the tiny cave, which shrinks even further into a burrow. Nudging down, there's just enough light to see a glint of something shiny, or rather, quite a few things. It seems that this little guy is a bit of a thief. Looking around a bit more, you see some movement.

"Don't hurt me!" came a voice with a chittering yelp, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll give it back! Just don't hurt me!"

Out from the darkness emerged the Wimpod, looking even more nervous that one might expect of such a cowardly Pokémon. It had the necklace still around its body, and offered it up. Pansear took it back immediately, slipping it over her neck and holding it close to her chest.

"You coward - you steal my necklace and don't even stand up for yourself!" she spat back.

"I'm sorry!" the Wimpod choked out, "I have to take whatever I can! My boss makes me!"

"Who's your boss?" Pansear replies, clearly skeptical.

"The Gosoliopod who runs this part of the beach! If I don't take stuff for him, he gets mad and..." the Wimpod shook, clearly quite fearful of his "boss" - he seems genuine enough, but can the thief be trusted?

"He who bullies the bully!" Niho croaked, with an air of flamboyance and mystery. Eyes lighting up, she pulled a palm frond from a nearby tree and fashioned it into a crude mask, striking a pose. Puli watched, bewildered.

"...what are you doing?" the Houndour asked, after a moment in time.

"We're going to steal his boss' heart!" Niho asserted, excitedly. Pouli groaned.

"You've spent too much time watching 'Uala play the light box," Pouli accused, momentarily forgetting the more pressing issue at hand, in lieu of friendly argument. Niho was undeterred, waddling up to the Houndour.

"You can be my mount," the Totodile said.

"Your what-?!" Pouli protested, slightly offended by the suggestion. Niho was already climbing onto her back, however, and so -- being the older of the two of them -- she reluctantly ceded the higher ground, and allowed her younger teammate to have her way. When Niho was seated, Pouli snorted, and closed in on the Wimpod.

"Take us to your boss," she demanded, already too fed up with Niho to tolerate any shenanigans from him.

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