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As Éclair put up her most intimidating front the quartet of eye's began to grow larger as they move towards her. The eyes are soon surrounded by shadows that slowly form into the silhouettes of Espurrs. As they emerged from the fog Éclair notices that their coat do not match, one is a dark blue and the other a light pink. She then sees that they are holding something small between them.

The Espurrs stop a foot in front of Éclair before looking at each other. They share a small nod before the pink one leaves walking off into the fog to their left. The other one turns to Éclair handing the small item over. Éclair looks to see that it is a small Fairy Gem before looking up to see that the Espurr has disappeared. In a quick bit of panic she looks around confirming that Monte and Mille are still there. Relieved to see that they are all right she notices that Monte is waving off into the distance, his pants beginning to droop. Looking to where he is waving, Éclair notices the blue Espurr standing on at the edge of the fog near where the other had disappeared. It stares back, maybe at Monte, maybe at Éclair, neither are quite sure, but it wave to them beckoning them to follow.

Will they follow or could this be a trap?



As Jinbe jumps, the wind causes him to start tumbling. He hits the tattered sail with more force than either Sucy or Momonga was expecting. They are jerked down by the impact but are able to quickly catch themselves. After seeing Jinbe safely to the base of the cliff, the trio make their way over the graveyard.

As the grave grew near, the group soon realizes that they aren't tombstones, at least not in the traditional sense. Each of the eighteen markers are in actuality life boats, half buried and covered in feet of ice. Sucy floats over to one, and peers into the ice. Trapped inside are a mishmash of human bones half caked in stings of frozen, rotted flesh. At another Jinbe and Momonga stumble upon a iced over pile of provisions, with certain pieces appearing to be loose enough to take.

As the group browses the ship grave yard the wind begins to howl, a voice whispering within.

Lllleeeaavvveee... nnnooowwwww...... Thissss... placccceee.... It doeeesss naaaaauuuught.... beeelloooongggggg ttooo yooouuuu....

How does the group react? Do they heed the warning?
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