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Trance: Level 1 Male Drowzee

Biography: As a hunter, Trance was used to being in long fights and, consequently, being out of health and energy. He never feared being in a deficit in the energy department as he would put the nearest pokemon, whether it be a happiny or an Ursaring, to sleep and Use Dream Eater; however, he didn't really have a reliable way to restore his health. He found a way to change that.

Special Attack: Restore (PS)
Trance creates a number of medium length, pink energy tendrils that interrupt the actions of the opponent and entangles them for a few seconds. The tendrils sap a considerate amount of health from the foe, restoring 3/4's of it to the Trance. This move counts as a 'draining move' and contributes towards diminishing returns.

Sneaze: Drop the interruption or heavily reduce the ratio of health recovered. Rejected.

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