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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Stone Shrine: A small shrine made out of stone. It is located at the base of the Starline Falls in a clearing filled with jagged rock formations. Many rock and ground type pokemon can be found here. The shrine is home to one of the two trial leaders for the Galea Plains. (Please reply in lightslategray)
Rorik Pine, Pokémon Professor from the northern region of Heiml, was at a loss. And he hated it.

Nothing. Not a single lead!

The young scientist had chosen the study of bonds between Man and Pokémon his life’s work. As such, he’d researched the matter extensively for over a decade, despite only now starting to take his baby steps in actual field experience – and yet, for all his studying, he couldn’t for the life of him figure out whom the Stone Shrine had been dedicated to.

Regirock? The old ruler of the skies, now a mere fossilized memory? The tyrant king of Pokémon in ancient history?

There were no obvious markings, gravures or inscriptions on the time-worn stone, and no trustworthy documentation on religious beliefs of the old tribes of Cloud Garden. It was infuriating!

In theory, this should be a perfect place to deepen his understanding. Shrines had served as places of worship and offering to the Gods since times immemorial; in a way, one of the earliest physical representations of the bonds between Pokémon and humans. In fairness, that relationship used to be vastly different in ancient history.

There were no PokéBalls, no Technical Machines, no competitive battling – only survival. They didn’t answer to us… We answered to them. And considering Pokémon have the power to breathe fire, conjure lightning and control minds, it’s honestly baffling to think how much the scales of power have tilted in our favour overtime.

The area was so utterly silent, Rorik could have sworn he’d come all by himself. It wasn’t the case, however.

“Not much of talker, are you?...”

The Professor’s companion, standing perfectly static and perpetually mute, was the Staryu he’d been sold by mistake at the Adoption Center. And if figuring out the mysteries of the Stone Shrine was proving difficult, understanding the gem-incrusted starfish seemed a nigh-impossible task.

It doesn’t speak, it has no expression, no apparent biological needs… how do I bond with such a Pokémon? There are no published guidelines on this species, I’ve looked in every major online journal and database! What are you, Staryu?...
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