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Here you go, guys! Enjoy! :3

Accepting the challenge of the samurai-like Farfetch’d, Muyo reached for a Pokeball and lightly tossed it, revealing his Yon Elekid in a bright flash of light. Kennegi gulped as he gazed upon the electric type Pokemon, tightening the grip of his wing around the oddly-shaped leak in his possession. Samuel let out a hearty laugh and clapped his hands together, leaving a loud echo that reverberated throughout the forest. “It’s settled, then! I’ll act as the referee of this match.”

Samuel took a few steps away and sat down on a log. Despite the type advantage, Muyo didn’t want to underestimate his opponent. A determined passion burned in the duck’s eyes, and Muyo could see his desire to win. Muyo called out to Yon Elekid, offering his strategy to start off the battle. Yon Elekid nodded, preparing himself for battle.

Yon Elekid started the sparring match off by Leering an icy glare at Kennegi, who gazed back at the Elekid with a Defiant riposte. Determined to overcome Yon Elekid’s attempts to weaken his resolve, Kennegi darted forward in a burst of speed, slamming into the electric Pokemon with a Quick Attack. Yon Elekid stumbled back, a little surprised by the blow, but not deterred thanks to his Aegis of Frost raising his defensive power. Kennegi charged at Yon Elekid for a follow up strike, but this time Yon Elekid was prepared; shooting out a Thunder Shock at the Farfetch’d.

The blast jolted Kennegi who swiped his leek at Yon Elekid in the process. Yon Elekid looked slightly puzzled; even though the Thunder Shock was a direct hit, he seemed to have taken more damage from Kennegi than he did before. The answer lied across the forest clearing, by Muyo’s feet. His Aegis of Frost had been Knocked Off by that strike. Determined to keep his guard up, Yon Elekid began to erect a Barrier around himself, raising his defenses. As he did so, Kennegi struck the dirt with his leek, splashing a Sand Attack in the Elekid’s eyes. As the action began to unfold, Muyo saw that both Pokemon took some hits but were still raring to go. Trying to rub the dirt out of his eyes, Yon Elekid awaited his next orders.

Realizing the futility of trying to pry Budew away from the overprotective Sunflora at the present moment, Lucas turned his attention towards the path ahead of him. Maybe if he could explore around a little bit, he might be able to find some clues about why Budew is with the Sunfloras. In the very least, maybe he could find something to replenish the Budew’s strength a bit.

Getting back to his feet, Lucas begrudgingly left the withering Budew behind and began making his way down the paths that were lined with beautiful and exquisite flower beds. After a short while of walking, Lucas came to a juncture in the pathway. Before him stood a small sign that read “Roses” with an arrow pointing up ahead. Knowing the Budew’s true species of flower, it was a good sign. He proceeded ahead to check out the roses.

The garden around him was truly breathtaking. There were roses of every color and assortment growing all around him, and yet, as he wanted into the rose section of the garden, Lucas felt an indescribable shift in the vibe of the plants around him. While the sunflowers and the brightly colored flowers from before the juncture felt warm and radiant, the flowers here emitted a refined, elegant beauty. They gave off a very strict ‘look, but do not touch’ kind of feeling.

Walking a little further down the path, Lucas spotted a flowerbed that was filled with Budew and their evolved form, Roselia. A stark contrast from the Budew he found earlier, the Pokemon here appeared very stiff and serious. Almost like tiny plant soldiers, they neatly stood in precise rows with the Budews in front and the Roselias in the back, posing like runway models. Being unable to speak Pokemon, it would be hard for Lucas to inquire about the Budew he found, but this might be a good place to start regardless. What will he do?

The Heracross’ Guts seemed to be infectious as adrenaline pumped Hiero up. This battle had excited him in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time; his mind darting all over the place to come up with strategies and backup plans. Spotting the Heracross loosen its wings as it prepared to attack, Hiero made his own preparations in return and called them out to Tomoko who was eagerly waiting for them.

Using her Bunny Suit, the Mareanie leapt up onto a tree trunk, grabbing hold with her spiky tentacle-like legs. Heracross spread its wings and took off at an amazing speed. Unfortunately for Tomoko, she had little time to react to this; her Bunny Suit enabled her to jump higher, not faster. The Heracross twisted and contorted its body in a corkscrew-like motion, slamming into Tomoko with a punishing Aerial Ace, causing the Mareanie to screech in pain and fall off of her hold on the tree. With her defenses lowered and the Heracross’ adrenaline-boosted attack, Tomoko could really feel that hit hard.

As the Heracross came around and steadied itself, Tomoko enacted Hiero’s backup plan and went into a defensive stance. Heracross charged forward, striking the starfish with a powerful Horn Attack. However, as the hit landed, Tomoko retaliated by using her barbs to land a point-blank Poison Sting on the Heracross. As it recoiled from the hit, Tomoko followed up the attack with a Merciless Peck from the spike on top of her head, ramming it into the beetle. Heracross winced as the poison whittled away a little more of its health. Overall Heracross appeared to be standing a little stronger than Tomoko, who took some heavy hits this round. However, this was a battle of attrition and the poison running through Heracross’ veins might catch up to it soon. For now, both Pokemon were still ready to go. Heracross took a deep breath, preparing itself for its next attack.

Elka stood there in awe of her Skitty who seemed confidant despite the large Fearow’s intimidating appearance, unfazed even in her first battle. The heron-like bird prepared its beak to strike at a moment’s notice, so Elka had to do some quick thinking to call out a strategy for her Pokemon. Mochi nodded, letting out a meow of comprehension and prepared for the start of battle.

Fearow cawed loudly and thrust its beak at Mochi, but the Skitty quickly jumped out of the way, using erratic movements to Fake Out the bird and follow up with a tackle. While the Fearow was caught off guard, Mochi shifted gears, blasting it with a Thunderbolt. The blast was a direct hit, but was not super effective thanks to Mochi’s Normalize ability channeling her powers to convert her attacks into Normal-type energy. Getting back to its feet, Fearow tried once more to strike Mochi with a Fury Attack, this time the attack the attack successfully landing thrice.

Pascal and the Teddiursa nervously watched on as Mochi stood her ground against the big, scary Fearow. Both Pokemon had exchanged some blows this round with Mochi coming out slightly on top in terms of health, but has expended a bit more energy as well. As Elka began to consider strategy for the next exchange of attacks in the battle, Fearow started flapping its wings slowly to hover just off the ground. From the looks of it, it seemed like Fearow’s next attack would come from the sky. It was up to Elka and Mochi to react accordingly.
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