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Kawaii nodded "of course, there's not really a limit to how many pokemon you can have out. Little Miss could you go get flora?" she addressed the Ledyba.
Little Miss nodded and flew back into the house.
Victoria hmphed "We do not get as many rights as they do, they are almost always preffered, and all 'starter' pokemon are male."
Frieghya shook her head Vi I think you are scaring our guest.
Meanwhile Rumplteaser was curiously sniffing the Dewpider and raised a paw to bat at the bubble on it's head.

Kawaii ushered Keith inside "I'm so glad you are here, let me show you around. I should mention though, that all of my pokemon are out of there pokeballs here. I didn't really want to restrain them at home."
Frieghya instantly nuzzled Cyanide Hi Cyanide! Welcome to the secret base! her normally cool tone forgotten.
Happy to be noticed Cassie laid down in the entrance room floor and dozed off.

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