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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Alright guys, here they are! Thanks for your patience~ xD

Spotting the helpless Teddiursa up in the tree and the menacing bird that circled above, it wasn’t hard for Elka to put two and two together. Feeling pity for the poor chubby cub, she decided that it was best to defend it and give it a second chance at life. Elka called upon the assistance of her young Skitty, Mochi, to help out with this battle. She ordered the Skitty to unleash a Thunderbolt and get a jump on the bird, hopefully frying it in the process.

Mochi mewed obediently and prepared herself for battle. She cried out as electricity crackled in her mouth, unleashing a blast of a Thunderbolt upwards towards the circling predator. The blast wasn’t a direct hit, but it did seem to graze the bird, who cawed out angrily and turned its attention to the new target. Then, without warning, the bird stopped circling and suddenly dive-bombed the group. It began spinning rapidly like a corkscrew in a flurry of brown feathers lead by its vanguard of a long pointed beak.

Like a battering ram, the bird hit the ground, its Drill Run attack missing Mochi by about a foot. A good thing too, because from that altitude that attack could have seriously injured anyone, no matter who the target was. As the bird pulled its beak from the earth, Elka was finally able to get a closer look at it. A long, sharp red beak and pointy crown sat on a head above a slender neck and a great brown wingspan. The Fearow glared at Mochi angrily, letting out another loud caw. Its piercing gaze Leered at the Skitty, while the head cocked itself back, about to unleash a flurry of Fury Attacks.
As Elka stared into the sky, watching the bird circle overhead of them like a hungry predator --- she watched as Mochi's extreme blast of static energy grazed the bird. It certainly wasn't the direct hit she would've hoped for, especially considering how mean and overpowered that bird looked in comparison to her tiny pink cat Pokemon. The bird let out a loud screech, turning it's large head towards Elka and Mochi. It's glare sent shivers down Elka's spine, it seemed to watch them for a few moments before immediately charging downwards at the duo. Elka let out a loud gasp, watching as the large brown bird began spiralling in a circular motion --- preparing to drive itself directly into Mochi and/or Elka herself.

Pascal let out a cry, causing his trainer to quickly move closer towards him. Mochi on the other hand braced herself, ready to claw that bird out of the sky. Pascal pitied the young Skitty, did she actually not realise how much larger this enormous bird really was than her? Or did she just not care? Either way it seemed like pure stupidity rather than nobility. She stared down the speeding bullet of a bird, watching as it drove itself into the ground, a mere foot away from her. Mochi gave a cheeky grin, letting out a small cat-like chuckle as the bird angrily ripped it's own beak from the Earth. Elka sighed in relief, that impact probably could've killed her or Mochi if it had actually stuck either of them.

Elka finally got a proper look at the bird as it angrily straightened it's neck to pry it's beak from the Earth. It was large, towering over her and both of her Pokemon; brown, and most certainly angry looking. She gulped, watching as it reared it's gaze on Mochi. Mochi let out a small hiss at the awful leer it was giving her, that most certainly would not do. Especially as Elka watched the Fearow rearing up it's ugly head to attempt to strike her precious little Skitty.

"Mochi! Please jump out of the way!" She called, watching as her cat swiftly attempted to obey her order. "Follow up with a Fake Out, and then blast it with some more Thunderbolt while it's dazed!" She called. Her first Pokemon battle was certainly intense, she felt exhilarated.

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