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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
Morningstar: The graveyard of Forgotten Hearts as it was formally known, a once cherished location where the locals would bury their deceased ancestors was now in total and utter disarray. The darkness, as well as the bleak appearance of the graveyard contrasted greatly with your mostly pink attire --- Not that you seemed to notice or mind. The story behind the location you were heading to made your heart flutter, that poor couple had never gotten the chance to be together because of their parents and ultimately took their own lives. It was moving, to say the least, you even shed a few tears as you became engrossed in the story. Your Mawile didn't share your sentiments, she was just looking forward to an adventure through a graveyard, it was probably going to be absolutely thrilling! As well as filled to the brim with ghost types that she could gain a few levels on.

The graveyard itself was certainly not what one would picture. The flowers surrounding the graves were rotting and turning to ash, it was obvious that the place had not received proper care in quite some time. You had brought some fresh flowers in the hopes of actually honouring a particular grave, it would be weird to just approach a graveyard with nothing but explorers intent. However, the bleakness of the location really dragged you down, making you wonder if you even wanted to progress forward.

Continuing your walk through the dreary graveyard, almost feeling the sadness in every step you took. Why had you chosen to visit a place like this? You most certainly hadn't pictured it to be, well, exactly like what you were currently observing. You sighed, glancing around for something to take your mind off of the bleakness of the location. You noticed what looked to be a light in the distance, that seemed particularly odd, as you were quite convinced that you were the only one here. The light is certainly odd, perhaps it would be wise to investigate? What do you do?

Athena drooped as she walked along the path of the graveyard. If it even could be called a path. It was overgrown with shrubs and weeds that she had to be careful not to trip on. She passed a cluster of gravestones, but the names on them were too faded with age to read. Eclair kept close, a small hand holding the edge of her trainer's skirt. This was more for Athena's own good than anything, the Steel/Fairy type wanted to make sure she could protect the girl at a moment's notice.

Athena scanned the area, heaving with a sigh. She wondered if this trip was going to be eventful at all. Maybe she should have gone to La Ville instead. At least there she could go indoors and not have to be out in the cold. She suddenly found her attention drawn to something. A far off light, just bright enough to notice. Her spirits lifted instantly. Something interesting!

"Eclair, you see that?" Athena said in a low voice to her Pokemon. Eclair, who had been suspiciously eyeing some bushes that had rustled in the wind, looked toward the direction Athena was pointing. "That's weird right? Let's check it out."

Eclair squinted as she tried to see the light more clearly, focusing too much to listen to what her trainer was saying. It wasn't until she realized Athena had left her side that she understood what her trainer was doing. Scrambling, she quickly caught up to her and tugged frantically on her skirt.

"What?" Athena looked down at Eclair shaking her head. "It's fine 'clair, come on!" The trainer bent down and picked Eclair up, much to her protesting, and continued on her way. Eclair accepted her fate and clung tight to Athena's sweatshirt, worried what the light had in store for them.


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