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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
[SIZE="1"]Kawaii: Everything happened so quickly, you barely even got a proper chance to react as dear sweet Tengu was snatched from your arms. You could only ponder as to why the Croagunk would want him. Perhaps it had malicious intent, or... maybe it was actually trying to help you further your goal of restoring the young Seedot back to normal. Whatever the case was, you had to find Tengu, and fast. Your heart was pounding quickly, making your ears ring and your legs feel weak as you charged off in the direction you believed them to have gone to. Perhaps if the Croagunk actually had a good heart, as well as good intentions for Tengu; it would earn itself a spot on your team. Although at this moment, it was certainly difficult to say what was about to transpire once the kidnapper was caught.

Your other two Pokemon had suddenly taken on a serious air to themselves, they quickened their paces, running as fast as they could to keep up with you. Your Deerling made it look so effortless, while your Senret darted between the trees, scanning the area ahead long before you could ever get a proper look at it. Obviously, they too were concerned about their friend and teammate being snatched up right in front of them. They would do anything in their power to protect something that their trainer cared about, and seeing her so distraught certainly would not do.


Tengu sat idly in the Croagunk's arms as it carried him through the thick underbrush of the swamp. He had no idea where he was going, and he had no physical way of actually escaping from the Pokemon's clutches. He sighed, he supposed he would have to put up with it for now. Hopefully his trainer would find him soon, rescuing him from this odd Pokemon. Tengu had felt like they had been walking forever, when suddenly the Croagunk shifted away some leaves from a fallen tree trunk and moved himself inside. Tengu glanced around, the place was seemingly like that of a home, many makeshift beds made of straw and leaves lined the floors.

You didn't have to ponder why there were so many for long, as dozens of other grass types slowly came out from the shadows. An Oddish in particular eyed Tengu closely, looking over him with prying eyes.

"Welcome home, Seedot!" They all cheered in Pokemon speak. Tengu was bewildered as to what was going on. Had he just been indited into some sort of cult? Where were all these Pokemon's trainers? He had so many questions dancing through his mind.

"We're the Celebi Squad!" The Oddish chimed in, "We grab suffering Pokemon from trainers and bring them here for protection." At that moment, Tengu realised that they had it all wrong. His blackened eyes must've made them believe that he was in poor care, and that he needed to be rescued. He only wished he could form the words to tell them as such, as they got closer to him and cheered for his freedom.

Tengu can't do anything to save himself, but you most certainly can. What will you do?

Kawaii rushed to the scene of this nest and stopped. She stayed hidden in the bushes and crouched by her two ccompanions. They were now her only key to getting her precious pokemon back. She addressed them, "go in there and convince them of the truth. Do not lie and do not pretend. That has failed way to many times."
Her sentret and deerling nodded and emerged from the bushes. DTM made her way in first and listened for a bit before speaking up. "What if it is not the trainer's fault that the pokemon is hurt."
At the very presence of his friends, life stirred in the empty shell of of her acorn pokemon. " true...My...trainer proscess... of...being of...the ...previous elite...four...interupted soul...was...already discipated...when...the machine...was...forced open." he gasped out. Despite the slow nature of his speach, the grass-type was able to hold the attention of the pokemon in the grassy cave. Oisín's jaw dropped wide open as Tengu slowly got to his feet.
[i]"My...trainer only be pokemon...I can be."[i] The seedot said confidantly. the nature of the forest wrapping around him and strengthenining him That is...why my trainer...brought me have the great...magic of Celebi...make me stronger"
It seemed that that was already happening as his voice got more confidant. The grass type was able to stribg more and more words togeather without pausing for breath.

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