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Originally Posted by Brave Saix View Post

A light snow fall began as the triumvirate began the slog down the side of the cliff face. Or it would have been for almost any other group. The path itself zigzagged steeply downwards and was fraught with thick layers of ice. This made travel easy for Jinbe, who zoomed along the trail. Momonga and Sucy floated from layer to layer keeping pace with the little round seal, turning their heads to follow him as he passed back-and-forth. The occasional frigid gale would shift the two, leaving a bit of snow stuck to the side of Sucy's orbs or in the holes of Momonga's mask. At the base of the cliff stood what appeared to be a myriad of icy tombstones littering the rocky beach. Beyond that stood the withering remains of a large vessel. It was shorn in half, the bow of the ship was safely beached, but the stern was nowhere to be found.

As the group descended, the air began to grow colder and a thick mist rolled in. The group continued on with their breath soon becoming visible. Invigorated by the change in weather, Jinbe began to speed up with the ghostly duo cheering him on.


The path ahead of Jinbe collapsed. Having to little room to try and stop, he launched off the path, tumbling through the air until he lands in a soft bank of snow. At first he is relieved, but then he notices he is now trapped on an outcrop at least 50 feet above the beach.

With Jinbe trapped, what will they group do?
"You can't be serious..." Jinbe looked thoroughly annoyed as he peered off of the edge of the outcrop and over the beach. Both Momon and Sucy were staring at the Seel, laughing hysterically. Momon glided up to the Spheal, giggling slightly. "Sorry, Jinbe... it was pretty funny."

Jinbe groaned. "Whatever... just... how am I supposed to get down from here?"

Sucy glided across the beach, still giggling. She flew upward toward a large, torn, moldy cloth that hung from the ship. "Look," she said excitedly. "This looks like it was part of the mast at some point! I bet we could use it to catch you!"

"Nuh uh, no way! I am not jumping," Jinbei exclaimed loudly. "I'm... I'm afraid of heights okay?"

Momon snickered, and Sucy laughed again. Momon flew over to the piece of mast that hung draped from the old shipwreck. They each grabbed one side and easily pulled it from where it hung.

"Don't be a big ol' Wimpod! Just jump, We'll catch you!" Sucy exclaimed, still smiling.

A look of concern crawled across Jinbei's face. He started anxiously smacking his flippers against the rocks in a rhythmic pattern, getting faster and faster as he looked around desperate for another exit.

"Ohhh.... I... alright... Okay, I'll jump I guess..."

"Good! Now hurry up! I want to go exploring!" Sucy shouted from below.

Momon nodded slightly and agreed. "The ships really feel like they're calling to me... but I do want to stop by that graveyard first... I like graveyards."

"Alright ready Jinbe?" Sucy began to look impatient. The Spheal gulped. "O-okay... 3... 2... 1...!"
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