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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

Galea Plains: A vast stretch of rolling grassy hills. There are a few scattered trees that supply shade as a gentle breeze blows from the mountain. There is a ranger’s cabin that allows travelers to rest up their pokemon and prepare for the hike that is yet to come. A wide variety of pokemon inhabit this area.
Rolling fields, boundless blue dotted with white. A perfect day in the perfect locale. No more running, just... rest for weary limbs.

Seiko collapsed, winded. At long last: no inclement weather, no seedy sidestreets, just the sweet smell of wildflowers and the feel of dew lightly soaking her clothes.

Perhaps running away from home, twenty-twenty hindsight, had not been among Seiko's most brilliant designs. No, not by a long-shot. She expected hardships like starvation, but not the myriad possibilities of running afoul of forces beyond her control. Nasty stuff like criminals, sickness: the works.

The weight of two bundles upon each shoulder roused Seiko from her reverie. Her eyes fluttered open to meet two curious gazes of her companions who had been running astride her moments earlier.

"Relax Baian, Aiolia," she whispered, patting the Skrelp and Litleo warmly. "We've made it."

The two sprang from Seiko's prone figure and began circling her in merriment. Both were acutely aware--Baian moreso, having been with her from its onset--of the precarious nature of the young woman's journey. Aiolia was the first to become attuned to the reinvigorating atmosphere; in an instant his gloom was dispelled, and he set about prancing to-and-fro restlessly.

Seiko sat upright at the sight and chuckled while Baian watched on, unimpressed. "I guess someone's excited get some grub and set up camp. Saa... let's see what we can come up with, shall we?"

Right, first a camping spot. "Why don't we settle down by that tall oak over there? We can dig in as soon as the tent's up."

((I'm sorry if this is at all incoherent. I'm literally rushing to finish this before work ends.))
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