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(Ooc: i'm going to put my response to mm in purple 'cus convenience)
Kawaii smiled, "I can go get her if you want."
Victoria huffed "They have abused us females for ceturies, it's payback time. Except for those on my own team. I have some tact."
Frieghya rolled her eyes You are going to scare our guest Vi.

Kawaii saw the flash of light and looked outside. She squealed when she saw Keith."Guys! Keith cam to visit!." she ran around gathering up her garbage and tossing it in the trash. Little miss was currently making lunch. When she heard the announcement the Ledyba jumped and doubled the amount of food she was preparing.
Freighya yawned from her seat in the window and jumped up and stretched. Sounds of excited pokemon echoed from deeper in the house.

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