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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
As Hiero strolled through the Cloud Forest, the weather was so nice that he felt inclined to share it with one of his newest additions, Tomoko the Mareanie. A little bit out of her element, Tomoko smiled anyway as Hiero presented his crown of thorns starfish with a hearty snack consisting of candies and chocolates. Tomoko gladly chowed down, feeling much stronger as a result. It wasn’t until then that the two heard a scratching noise in the forest nearby.

Deciding to go check it out, the two came across a Heracross that was feeding on some tree sap. Seeing the situation as the perfect opportunity to get Tomoko some battle experience, Hiero quickly made some battle preparations and whispered some commands to his Pokemon. Tomoko started things off by shooting a layer of Toxic Spikes on the ground underneath where the Heracross was feeding. Hiero then pulled out a small Bunny Suit and places it on Tomoko in such a way that her legs stick out of it without being obstructed.

Channeling her inner rabbit, Tomoko springs into action by pushing off the ground with her many legs and bounces high into the air before slamming into Heracross with a Peck from the spike on top of her head. The blow certainly caught Heracross off guard, who fell off the tree and onto the Toxic Spikes below, just as planned. The poison seemed to take effect as the Heracross let out a pained and angry cry. However, Heracross’ Gutsy resolve refused to back down as it pumped itself up with adrenaline.

Heracross turned to face Tomoko, ramming her with a powerful Horn Attack to show off its Guts before Leering at her with an icy glare that sent shivers down her spine, if she had one. Tomoko winced, but she retaliated with a Merciless Peck that knocked the Heracross backwards. Preparing its next move, Heracross’ wing flaps on its back loosened as it prepared to use Aerial Ace, followed by another Horn Attack. Both Pokemon were in prime situations to deal some hard damage to their opposition but take a lot of damage in return. This might be a fight to see who’s defenses give out first.
"Great job, Tomoko! Now, get ready, it looks like it's preparing for an attack!"

Hiero stepped back and focused intently on the situation. The Heracross was definitely wounded - and it was showing - but it was definitely putting up a fight. It was almost certainly extremely pissed off over having its meal interrupted, and the poisoning only seemed to pump it full of adrenaline.

The Heracross wasn't alone, however; The Mareanie was primed, too. Her defense had been lowered by when the beetle Pokemon's Leer caught her off guard, but she still seemed eager to fight.

"Tomoko! It's getting ready to dive ram you! Get in front of the tree and wait until just before it makes contact, and then take advantage of the Bunny Suit and jump as high as you can!" "If this works," Hiero thought, [i]"the Heracross should fall for the old bait and switch, diving its horn directly into the bark of the tree. And I'd venture that with the poison slowly taking its toll, even with its Guts kicked into gear, it's probably beginning to become a bit absent minded as a result of being lightheaded..."

Hiero looked up. The Mareanie wore an intense look on its face, preparing itself in what it knew was definitely a bit of a gamble. Hiero wasn't a gambling man, but if he had to guess, now was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. "As soon as you jump, come back down hard with another Peck! If it works out, give it one more good Merciless Peck to keep it down!"

But Hiero needed a backup plan if this didn't work. "If... for some reason our bet doesn't pay off, form a defensive stance. If it does manage another direct hit, use your barbs to land a Poison Sting, and then give it a hard Peck when it's distracted!"

Hiero pulled out an empty Pokeball and twisted it in his hands. He was eager. He hadn't caught a Pokemon in a wild encounter in.... a very long time. But he could feel it: He was ready. The adrenaline of battle pumped through his veins, a distant yet familiar feeling that felt like a fire stoking in his belly. "When the time comes," he thought, "I'll be readying this Pokeball with my left hand, and battling Heracross with my right." He raised his head with a mischievous grin. "I'll take a Pokeball... AND CATCH IT!"
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