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At first, nothing. And then, with a flash of light, a Pokémon Trainer materialized just outside. With one hand he was clutching the umbrella keeping himself and his Pokémon dry in spite of the falling rain. With the other hand, he held a Qwilfish. "Yeah, I think this is the place, Hebenon," Keith nodded. "And it only took you three tries," he chuckled.

"Qwil..." Hebenon chuckled sheepishly.

"Yeah, only three tries," Meowth said, rolling his eyes. "Ya make it sound like da second try didn't get us nearly trampled ta death."

"Oh, come on, Meowth, it could happen to anyone," stated Keith.

"Oh, yeah, because people with Teleporting Qwilfish always find demselves in da path of a Bouffalant stampede," Meowth retorted. "Yeah, dat happens every day!"

"Alright, well, instead of arguing this, I say we see if Kawaii's home," Keith stated, approaching the front door and knocking on it.

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