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★ Starlight Summit ★

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The team opts for the darker path to the right, though the darkness is soon not an issue as Cotton lights up with a bright Flash, opting to make the exposure a bit longer term and dimmer as opposed to the battle-ready intense burst. The light floods the area, and the darkness - though extending past the reach of Cotton's light, is at least held enough at bay to give the group an idea of where they're heading. You proceed down the cave, which seems to go more or less directly into the mountain. There's not a whole lot to see down here, but it also seems to be relatively unobstructed and unoccupied, making your advancement relatively easy. After a little while of unimpeded progress, you find yourself at what can be best described as an atrium - a large area with a high ceiling and lots of open space. Cotton's light fails to extend terribly far into this natural room of sorts, but it does reflect off something just outside its full reach.

The glint and vague outline of the object appears to suggest that whatever it is is round and shiny, which could very well be the Mime Jr.'s cherished ball! Before you can approach to investigate any further, though, a shadow approaches and seems to engulf the ball, before it suddenly bursts back into view in the form of a brief reflected flash. Whatever it is that has the ball, though, seems rather put off by the light, and flees. For as long as you can trace it, you see the ball disappear behind a nearby rock, presumably with whatever has grabbed it and ran off...
Cotton led the way down the dark path, which didn't remain dark for very long- the Swirlix's Flash move had its intended effect, illuminating the way. It didn't light up the entirety of their path, but it did light things up sufficiently for them to navigate safely, and that was good enough for this group.

The path they chose seemed to head deep into the mountain. Cotton's Flash proved almost unnecessary- there wasn't a lot to see down here, nor much of anything to impede their progress. And at last, they came to a large open area. Flash barely begun to cover this place, but within what it did cover, the group saw something. "Hey- could that be-" began Cotton.

But before the Swirlix could say any more, a shadow approached. Inconveniently, this spherical object and the shadow nearby were both too far from the source of the Flash for anyone to properly get a look at them, but they could see the shadow engulf the sphere. Then, there was a brief reflected flash as something came into view, but whatever it was seemed rather adverse to the light the Fairy-type was giving off, and it fled.

"Come on! After it!" Cotton exclaimed, dashing off after the ball. Chromium and Tinnitus followed. "Hey, Chrome," said Cotton. "Help us catch this guy!"

The Smeargle rolled her eyes. "Fine," she grumbled. As she ran, she started to extend a pair of vines- on the off chance they couldn't outrun this culprit, the Smeargle intended to try and grab whoever or whatever it was with Vine Whip. Of course, whether the sphere it swiped was even the same item Mime Jr. was looking for remained to be seen, but right now, this was their one and only lead, so of course they had to take it. Tinnitus had nothing to offer at this moment, though he resiliently flopped along nevertheless. In fact, the Tympole just thought of something he could do to help- he felt as calm and serene as he just about always did, so the soundwaves his vibrating cheeks would generate would reflect this. Surely that would be handy in case this unknown target they were pursuing was agitated, help to calm it down.

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