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"The first, huh?" It was easy to see why- the place was well off the beaten path, and there were plenty of people who would be scared off by its dollhouse appearance if they did find it- Ami wasn't about to make such a rude remark, though. That might get her kicked back out into the storm. "Well, I'm glad to be here." She noticed Cassie's look and began to pet her. "You have so many pokemon, and well-trained ones to boot. I've only got three!" She punctuated this last statement with a self-indulgent giggle.

Bell's pupils flickered into straight lines a couple times- something that passed for blinking among dewpiders. "Moving pictures? So, none of these things are happening right now?" He looked at the television, then back at Freighya. "They even have sound. That's, um, how'd you say it? Wondrous! Truly wondrous!" He was certainly pleased to understand the machines nature now.

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