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TheKnightsFury: The Lairon's story certainly didn't make you feel sympathy towards the large metallic Pokemon, he probably should've been more careful and not stuffed his face as much. The Senret raises herself onto her tail so her other teammates can regroup with her, once the trio is back together she explains the situation --- her only hope is that the reward will actually be worth the effort they'll need to go through in order to retrieve the stone. The Scyther seems more than willing to help the Pokemon in need, claiming that it's what their trainer would do. The only problem, the Scyther had little idea what limestone actually looked like. He glanced at his two land-bound companions, hoping one would have the answer, lucky for him, the Mudbray seemed to know exactly what the trio was in search of.

The Scyther praised his two companions on their work, they were actually making quite the great team on this little expedition. The trio once again took to formation in the hopes of finding a limestone deposit, although both of the members knew that they would probably need the Mudbray's help in order to break some off and to ensure it was indeed what they were looking for. The search was on, each Pokemon using their respective talents once again in the hopes of finding something in order to receive a nice reward from the Lairon.

Spartacus flies by something that he believes to be exactly what they were looking for, a large chunk of rock, light grey with a yellowish tinge to itself. He signalled for his teammates to come towards him, the Mudbray arrived first, nodding to herself that this was indeed exactly what they were looking for. With one swift kick from her strong hind legs, she managed to break off a large chunk that the Lairon could easily chew on to relive himself of any discomfort. With this in mind, they hurried back to the hulking mass. He seemed even worse off than he once was, groaning louder than he was before. Boudicca sets down the large hunk of rock in front of him, causing his eyes to immediately light up with gratitude.

"Ya kids did it! I knew I could trust ya'!" He exclaims, quickly chowing down with loud chomps. Once he's done he lets out a loud, pleasured, sigh.
"That really hit the spot, lads!" He smiles, moving his two front legs forward. "As promised, an award awaits ye. Would ye like what's in me left hand or me right hand?"

Which hand do you choose?

Ironthunder: Flying on a Skarmory was never a fun time for anyone involved, Pokemon and human alike. A young Petilil sat atop the metallic bird's back, much rather wishing that they had taken a ferry. She made her distaste known, causing the Skarmory to explain that the flight was to save time, if they wanted to hunt treasure it would be much easier to do so with more time under their belt. As they disembarked, they realised that they would probably have to take the ferry home anyways, especially if they found something particularily heavy that they would have to carry back.

Actually, where was their third companion? It had been a while since they had seen her. She made her presence known almost instantly, as she spooked the small Petilil right off her feet, causing her to shout in anger. The Skarmory chuckled to herself before extending a wing and suggesting they begin their hunt for treasure. With her two companions in tow, the hunt was on, but little did they know they wouldn't actually have to look for long.

An odd looking Rattata ran alongside them, looking particularly worried about something. He kept glancing around and checking behind him before approaching the trio, he put a coy smile upon his face and began speaking. "Heeeey ladies~" He began, looking the trio over. "I have a little something here I was wondering if you could watch for me?" He asked, producing a golden leaf. He placed it down in front of them.

"Just for a little while, I promise!" He glanced around sheepishly again. "I just have some... things I need to attend to." He gave another coy smile, looking at the three Pokemon again.

Should they help the Rattata even though he seems a little shifty? What harm could come of it? What do they do?
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