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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Alright guys, thanks for being patient. Here's some updates, fresh off the press!

It was a bright and sunny day in the Rose Garden, where all of the flowers were healthy and showing off their exquisite colors. All except for one. Spotting the frail and defenseless Budew sapling withering beneath the blanket of Sunfloras that were hogging up all of the sunlight and nutrients, Lucas took pity and sprang into action. He knelt down next to the little sprout, to appear less imposing on its level and offered to find a better location for it and maybe even some water to make it feel better.

What Lucas didn’t realize was that by getting close to the Budew, he was also getting close to a few of the Sunkern saplings. As he did so, a few of the nearest Sunflora averted their gaze from the sunlight above and stared down at him. They didn’t too pleased to say the least. The largest Sunflora of the bunch swished its leafy arm and fired a warning shot at Lucas; a Razor Leaf that intentionally missed him and stuck out of the gravel-covered walking path like a ninja throwing star.

Tending to Budew’s needs might be trickier than Lucas initially thought. For now, it seemed like the Sunfloras were very protective of their saplings, and Budew was included in that bunch for some reason. Budew looked up at Lucas nervously, shaking in its roots while the Sunfloras got in a defensive stance. Lucas might try to negotiate with the Sunflora, but they might not be willing to listen to reason right now. Alternatively, it might be worthwhile to investigate other parts of the garden and find out why Budew is there to begin with.
As a sharp leaf whizzed by his head, nearly taking the tip of his ear off and grazing his neatly kempt hair, Lucas realized that perhaps he was being a bit presumptuous about this whole situation. Budew definitely seemed like it needed a bit of help, but he had just assumed that the Sunflora would be supportive and friendly, or at the very least neutral. But it made sense that they would be defensive of their young, especially over an interloper, as unfortunate as it may be. He would need to be a bit more crafty if he were to solve this problem without incurring the ire, or at the very least the ill will, of the Sunflora. He saw no real way to even attempt to reason with them to turn over the Budew into his care (and he had no Pokémon that could act as a suitable liaison), so he supposed that meant going elsewhere to solve the issue at hand. He wasn't quite sure what he would be able to do to coax or convince the Sunflora, but he figured a look around the gardens might reveal something he could use as a tool or bargaining chip to draw the Pokémon away or give the Budew enough strength to make its way to greener pastures. Getting back to his feet (and backing away slowly), he began a search for something that might be of use - perhaps a squirt bottle or watering can, or maybe some honey?

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